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Question for My Team

I don’t know if I should use a level 23 unboosted Monolometrodon or a level 20 Tryostronix boosted 0/0/2, planning on boosting it more. What should I use?

What are the other members of your team?

Monolorhino 21, Thor 24, Indorap 25, Tenrex 23, DC 22, Rixis 22, and Phorusaura 22
I can get Monolorhino to 22, Tenrex to 24, Thor to 26, DC to 24, Phurusaura to 24, Indorap to 26

You have a good mix of creatures. I would recommend Mono as it has a more versatile moveset. However, if you find it doesn’t work or you don’t like using it, switch to Tryo and see how he works. But let Mono get a few battles (3-5 should be enough) in before you decide it isn’t that good. Also I would keep upgrading MRhino, from what @Qaw said it actually counters Ceramagnus.

Yes, it counters Ceramagnus, tested in battle simulator. But in 3-5 weeks, I should have Hadros, which I should use over tryo and mono? My MOno keeps losing to other Monos and Thors. Plus I only have 1 pure chomper, Thor, and Mammolania is a common creature I fight. But I’ll see how my newly unboosted Mono works

If you do get Hadros, I would replace Sarco with it.

Sure, sarco is having a few problems

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Replace mono without speed boosts it underperforms and is useless especially in avaory

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