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Question for Previously Boosted Players

Are any of you considering staying unboosted after the reset? I’m looking at this clean slate and I’m feeling apprehensive about diving back into the boosted maelstrom that the arena will eventually become.

The freedom of not being locked into a specific team of high investment boost monsters sounds very appealing to me. Or maybe that’s just my fear of commitment, rearing it’s ugly head :thinking:

Anyway, I am just curious as to how many others out there were feeling like they slipped out of a bad relationship, and have no intention of going back?

I’ll eventually boost again, but I need time to think and see how the Arena will be so I can boost smartly.

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I had every intention of holding off, but slipped and put 22 levels into Max’s health and damage and a few into Indo2

I’m taking it as a free save from bad decisions.
I’m going to try and boost optimally though “guestimating” which dinos will have the most staying power over the long term.

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Oh, I’ll be boosting. But unlike in the previous system, I don’t think one boost tier will make or break a match for you. So even if you don’t do boosts (or at least not many of them) you should get some interesting challenges without being entirely squished into generously pounded jelly.

I’m going unboosted for a while, possibly longer. I played before stat boosts were a thing, and i kind of want to experience it again.

I’m not boosting for now. May see how it goes and boost in a few weeks if needed.

I will say though, it’s been a long time since I’ve played unboosted. Now that I’m actually doing it again (to great extent) it’s actually really fun! I can go up against level 26 targets with my level 23 and it actually feels like a fight!

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