Question For Sinosauropteryx?

So I’ve Been Trying To Find The New Sinosauropteryx So I Turned To YouTube Showed He Got It Through Some How It Already Being In The Sanctuary. So I Did The Process. Didn’t Find It In The Sanctuary. So I Tried Finding It Normally On The Map. Couldn’t Find It So I Was Wondering If Someone Knew If It’s In A Certain Region Or if It Spawns In Certain Parts Of The Map Like For Example A Park. If Someone Knows Can Someone Kindly Respond Back I’m Just So Confused.

P.S Sorry For The Long Question.

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From what I’ve read, its local/zone 3


Local 3 all the time.

Yep it’s in local 3, just walk around a bit.

No, I have to wait two months for the fluffy boi… See

Im in zone 3 and got little during the day but they spawned a lot at night . Hard to dart tails of it

Pretty sure it’s local 3

Wdym not find it in sanctuary?

local 3 I am pretty sure

Is this good after one day of the update being out?


It’s definitely Local 3 and they spawn quite frequently because they’re Common…


I also got mine to level 13 after just one giga. They’re everywhere in local three!

One thing for sure, these things are cute!


I agree
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I just realized I’m in zone 3, and thanks to these guys being commons they’re everywhere, giga scent should definitely help with getting them to 15 for their hybrid

What is zone 3 again? i forgot

Definitely agree with you there!

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Does It Say If It Only Spawns On Certain Days?

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No, it’s a Zone 3 anytime