Question for the masses: which Dino would you replace your I-rex with?

It’s about that time in my JWA “career” that the team needs a revamp. I-rex, while having the luxury of being immune, has become quite predictable by the opponent…no beuno :grimacing:

Figured I’d ask the forum:

If you had to bench your indominus, who would you replace it with?

(doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced by a Dino you have, but just any Dino in general)

Feel free to share your team too, here’s mine:

This is my thought too considering at level 20 it’s almost at too low a level for the team plus it isn’t that good honestly. I’m definitely replacing him with erlidomus once I get it, but beyond that I think your spinotasuchus is what I’ll replace it with once the nerf to SS hits. Probably have enough to boost the irritator gen 2 to level 30 too if I wanted. Since you have that, a unique like magnapyro/utarinex or something not so squishy would be what I’d think. A high level allosino/utahsino is an option for me too since I’m swimming in a ton of sino dna


Spinotasuchus is what I’m going with once the nerf hits but who knows

This is my team so far! Once I get either Utahsinoraptor or Rajakylosaurus (the Rajasaurus hybrid) my indom is gonna be benched sadly, her Cloaks never seem to dodge :frowning:

Nothing. Indominus rex is too iconic in my opinion and I’d keep her on my team, even if she was the worst dinosaur in the game.

Same as Rexy / Roberta the T. Rex, as she is my favorite dinosaur currently in the game (though, if Buck from The Lost World was in-game, he would be the winner) . They both have a forever place on my roster.

Also, Indominus has a perfect playstyle for me. I love skillets with a buildup giant hit. Same reason I’m in love with this game’s Baryonyx and Triostronyx. Ready to Crush + Defense shattering rampage is bae.

I think what you need is a good set-up Dino.

Your Team has plenty of finishers but are too fragile.
You need another Dino that can take up heavy hits, can shield, and can debuff.

I recommend using one of these in exchange of IRex;


Edit: I’d replace mine by putting a good set-up Dino since I have other good finishers to choose from.

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Replaced Indom with Indoraptor. Indom is staying at 20 to feed Indo, so it’s falling behind in levels to everything else.


For me, it will be utarinex.

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