Question for the mods

Idk if this a high or it’s a game mechanic but I lost my evasive before my third turn.
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What happened I went for Evasive stance first turn, para went for shield

I went for Defense shattering Rampage, parr’s went impact,

Para went for regen and run, swaps in draco, yet I haven’t gone and my dodge is gone.

Pls @J.C or any mods or anyone like wanna know if this a bug or not cause I never got my third turn

Like remember a couple updates back your turn was after YOUR DINO did an action not the OPPONENTS DINO I mean it’s common sense right?

One thing I want to know is why there is an overleveled paramoloch


Oh that’s nothing
image image
Battled this cause according to ludia this is balance


Why though? It’s a decent legendary at best. With 2 stunning moves, a shielding move, and a run away move. I mean sure, it has a lot of health, but there are multiple legendary tanks that out-perform it. Some include carnotarkus, stegodues, and tragodistis.

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I’ve been noticing this as well the last couple days. Not every battle but enough that it was noticeable. At first I thought I had just miscounted the turns but that wasn’t the case.

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My para has taken out MANY tanks. :rofl:


Your evasive stance started to enforce the 1st turn as soon as you make that move(noted it’s a priority move so in most situations you go first. That turn counted as your 1st turn)

When that para regen that was your 3rd turn, in which you should dodge one last time… lol that don’t make sense.
It seems the SIA’s are counted as an “exceptional turn”(not the ongoing turn nor the upcoming turn). --if you hit and run to bring in your rat on your opponent who does sidestep, the cloak will get hit through; same action on your end while the opponent picks evasive stance, cloak still 75% dodge rate, however that still counts as his 1st turn.

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Ya my second would be the DSrR but I never got to do my impact turn three he went for RaR and swapped and yet my ES was gone which doesn’t make sense since it’s his turn

If it healed and ran, that counts as a turn, meaning your cloak will disappear under certain circumstances.

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It’s already chaotic with all these SIA timing mechanics. Imagine they add SOA now. Lol smdh

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Honestly tho it makes no sense right ?

Makes sense to me. Shields do the same thing.

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No it makes zero sense. Your turn always keep up with the same pace as that of your opponent. If hit&run proceeds a new turn, it would’ve given away a free chance for cooldown.

Same thing happened to me just now with procera and that is not the first time. Evasive disappeared after two turns!

That’s not a rule.
I mean you could say that it’s not intended to be this way, but until Ludia responds, all we can do is pick sides.
There’s no real reason to pick either one, apart from personal preferences.

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I mean, the whole point of SIAs is giving one side an extra turn, that doesn’t affect cooldowns. It’s outside of normal moves.
That’s my rationale for being on the side I’m on.

I have used SI-stun to demonstrate this effect, and I have explained it at length over and over.

Also, could someone please tell me what happens when your opponent uses a hit-and-run move against ES that has 2/3 turns remaining, but the next dino has no SIA?
I need conclusive evidence to either show that it’s the auto-swap that’s the second turn, or that it’s the SIA.
I would really appreciate it.

Coupled with my demonstration that Shields last based on opponent turns/actions, not those of the user, some of us might be a bit more satisfied with the explanation for this scenario.

Just to clarify, being KO’d demonstrably counts as a turn/action😂. It’s weird.

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I feel it’s programmed to be so, although that’s not backed up at all by the common sense. Same principle I get when two dinos with swap in stun swapped in at the same time, the faster one gets the other stunned(if landed), while same scenario but the other has no SIA, it will not only get stunned but also frozen for an extra turn. Things in which way I get why it should work like that, but still, overall very contradicting…

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IKR it just odd

As I said, it doesn’t count on the ongoing turn nor a next turn, it’s"exceptional". All durable effects once enter the turn they due for, wear off supposedly, with or without opponent picking hit&run.
Like what you stated, the extra turn SIA brought has no influence on the durability(i.e ES, FS). The outcome is dependent on the turn in which their previous dino swaps out from.

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[That’s because SIAs are treated as turns, so when a creature is manually swapped to trigger an SIA it uses two turns (one for the swap, one for the SIA).
So if you stun it after the swap, before the SIA, it gets stunned for the SIA.
If you stun it after both, it gets stunned for an actual turn.
This is why some of us suggested changing the move description to use the word “action”, not “turn”.]

Also, when the non-SIA dino is stunned with SI-stun, it still technically loses only one turn. But if it had the imaginary ability Swap-in Nothing, it would actually be better off :joy:. In fact, that could be a good counter to Si-Distraction, SI-Invincibility, etc, if you could predict those SIAs, which you can’t but I digress.

TL;DR— Some people see the pattern in the madness and say it’s by design, while others say it’s all just nonsense, and by incompetence.
Only the designer knows which is true, and the designer ain’t talking.
So this is all pointless, except for a potential “I told you so” if Ludia ever get their act together :joy: and explain.