Question for the pattern figure folks


Has anyone seen a pattern in the fusion dna level ups?

Or is it 100% random?

Also if there is a pattern is it locked in to a particular dinosaur?

In other words if it goes 10 10 30 20 when I do my Einosuchus can I do 10 10 Einosuchus switch to another and get the 30!

Also if Ludia sees this PLEASE take out 10 and 20 from folks in game level 10 and above! And raise the top end to 150!

Thank you! That is all!!

#2 has a chart (see link below) that shows the likelihood of getting 10 DNA, 20 DNA, etc. per fusion.

While there isn’t a set pattern, you do have a greater chance at getting between 10-30 DNA per try, as opposed to 40+ DNA per fusion.