Question, I'm not mad

I have a serious question. Is it just me or does this seem to be the case for you as well? I know everyone has dodging dinos as do myself, but why does it seem my dodges only seem to work fairly for both me and my opponent as long as my trophy count is low? Once I get near my max trophy level, skill seems to be out the window and it’s purely a dodging game that I get murdered at due to my dodging ability not working at all. I really don’t need to hear work on getting DNA to get better dinos because I think everyone is already doing that. This really only had to do with dodging as you hit what you feel is your current max trophy spot. This might just be me and my luck I’m not sure.


That’s the case for me as well. Back those days where I was nearing to break through 4k, my stegoceratop suddenly couldn’t stun for sheet. What was bothering is the dinos of my opponents’ at that time didn’t vary too much, which seemed to me that the game algorithm matched me to their preset “appropriate” trophy level based on how strong my deck was.

In current format, RNG is the most superior factor to win battles. But this situation looks better in 5k meta due to fact that players there aren’t fond of relying on stunner nor cloaker. I would say at the moment is monomimus reckoned with the RNG plague.

I do not have any dodgers or cloakers on my team. Just do not like to base my battles on 50/50 chances.

I am about my max trophy level, 4200 (and expect to go on a losing streak soon). I cleaned up getting 4 incubators this morning, shot through almost all my opponents cloaks/dodges. 3 hours later did the same for another incubator, no dodge worked for their red bird. Next they sent in Indom, cloaked… Two shotted it.

My opponents have swept me also, dodging every… single… attack…!!! Being on the other end of the battles, I really do not see any pattern to their dodges. Some do get lucky and sweep me, but just as many fall due to not working. I actually think they work about 50% of the time.

My case is as yours. However I could reach 4300 for about 3/4 days.

After that I started losing again till 4000.

And… faced in early 4000 3 opponents with 3 uniques each. That’s really frustrating but… this means I need to improve something : skill, and dinos, both…

I get what you’re saying. I would say 50/50 is about right as long as my trophy count is low. What I was saying is that it can’t be 50% (at least not for me) once I reach that special topher level. The dodge seems to be my only Kryptonite at that point for losing. I congratulate out loud players that out play me all day long.

Asking wrong question should be more like why does my dodge dino seem to fail more against higher lvl opponents and the answer is it doesn’t! Just that every hit that gets through dodge is doing allot more damage and every hit you get thru is less of the targets total health pool so your stun/dodge has less potential effect on the match overall(cool I dodged 1-2 hits did a bit of dmg then got 1shot). Dodge is a fun gimmick but it’s a gimmick same with stun it means your creature can sometimes overperform and sometimes under perform which is not predictable or ideal when hitting above your weight!