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Question of The Day #3: You're not winning this battle, are you?

Today’s question is a battle question.
We all know a couple of Velociraptors are no match for a T Rex. But what about a couple of Utahraptors?
Today’s question is:
Can five Utahraptors take on a fully grown T Rex?


Size - 5 to 7 metres
Weight - 300 to 1000 kg
Height - 1.8 to 2 metres
Bite Force - 950 PSI
Speed - 20 MPH
Weapons - Big brain/Master strategist, Hand claws, Sickle toe claws, Tail for balance
Advantages: Smarter and Faster
Disadvantages: Smaller, Lighter and Weaker Bite Force

T Rex:

Size: 12 metres
Height: 3.7 to 6.1 metres
Weight: 5 to 7 tons
Bite Force: 12800 PSI
Speed: 16 to 17 mph
Weapons: Bite Force, Strong Tail, Tough Skin, Vicious Arm Claws
Advantages: Bite Force, Larger and Heavier
Disadvantages: Slower, Less Intelligent

So who do you think would win in a face-off between these creatures?

My guess on the winner would be the pack of utahraptors, no real reason, just a guess


Ofc Utah will win, because Utah outnumbering Rex + Utah is smarter.

But bite force is important in battle

Its very hard to decide. I mean sure they could maybe take down a rex but you got to also give the icon credit there was a reason nothing else beside another rex would challenge it.