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Question omega 09

Hello today i unlocked Omega 09 but he didn’t have space in his park to place him. After moving around buildings/decorations/dinosaurs to make room, Omega 09 is nowhere to be found to be placed?? However, you can go into the Boss battles and select him now. I crushed and thinks he wasted all his time. Anyone have any idea how to resolve this? Thanks!

Check the asset repository he will be in there


Where i found repository?

All the way to the right of your park, a building all by itself probably.

You could also go to the gallery and select him from there and it should take you to where he is located.


This building is the asset repository. If you click on it it should take you to a screen where you should see your Omega 09.


From here you can see that there is a little arrow on the omega 09. Tap on that, and the omega 09 will be out of the asset repository and you can place it wherever you like.


Thanks for help :pray:

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