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Question on boosts?

When it says 12 out of 20 boosts. Is this the max I can use? I’m only level 14 but does it later develop into a greater number or maybe 60.

you can put a max of 20 in a single stat. and the total amount of boosts on a dino is determined by the creature’s level. currently you can only have a total of 30 boosts on a max level (lv 30) creature.

It scales with level. At level 30 you can have 30 boosts on a creature, with a max of 20 per a single stat.

Whatever level your creature is is the amount of boosts you can put into that creature. Sadly the max you can go for is having 30 boosts into it because 30 is the max level, this means it is impossible to see a 20/20/20 Thoradolosaur or to simply say it, can’t max all 3 stats on 1 creature…