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Question on dragon level points... glitch?


I need a question answered that has been baffling me for quite some time. I have several dragons that have reached maximum training and all their stars, yet they are not worth as much as the maximum point value the book of dragons claims that they are. For example: I have a flank-tanker rumblehorn maxed out training and all three stars, but is worth only 1004 points. The book of dragons claims it’s supposed to max out at 1016 points. I also have an Anveil Ghastly Zapplejack maxed out training and all 3 stars worth 1024, yet the book of dragons claims its supposed to max out at 1036 points. I’m extremely confused. I’ve tried “leveling up” after maximum training and stars are reached, but it appears as though I’m just wasting fish and dragons. Why is this happening? How do I fix this?

You fix this by reaching the highest ability level of a dragon. The ability level is counted into the strength of a dragon as well, so if your Flank-Tanker reached ability 8/10 and has maxed stars and level 50 it won‘t be a full-maxed dragon. Easiest way (and only safe way) is to feed your dragon 4 copies of itself or 3 copies and 7 2* dragons of the same color. After that you should have the following outcome for your Flank-Tanker:


I’m having the same problem with several dragons! Their star level is maxed, their number, 50, is maxed, but their power level, 9, (or less), will not max out no matter how many 2s I feed them!?! Just now, I wasted 20 2s and the fish to go with them, and NOTHING HAPPENED!!! This really upsets my regularly calm mannerisms. PLEASE FIX!!

It’s not a glitch, just bad luck unfortunately.


You can litterally see the chance of a positive outcome before you “waste” fish and dragons. Feeding 10 2s will only give you a 40 % chance of gaining an ability level… Feed them better dragons or keep rolling the dice with 2s and a 40 % chance.

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Or - as I mentioned above - feed the dragon copies of itself. Each copy gives a 25% chance of leveling the ability, so you get a guaranteed level up with 4 copies (or 3 copies and 7 two star dragons).

Thank you! I should be able to breed a flank-tanker easily to level up my existing flank-tanker’s points to max. I was just concerned that, once the bar hit “max” there was nothing I could do about getting the full amount of points he’s supposed to have.