Question on how the tournament works


Hey guys and gals! Dino hunters from all around!

Just wondering how the tournament works ? It’s monthly rewards for anyone 500 position and up to 1st ? Do you have to be at that position during a certain day? Or do they take your overall position during the whole month? Cause the average position during the month would make sense but would it be hard to implement into the game? Like hard to calculate and keep track?

Anyone who can explain this a bit better then what’s posted by Ludia will be appreciated!!

Again love the rewards and new dinos!! Amazing!! I finally got my indoraptor and he’s a tough as they come!! Almost god like lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


DinoLord :+1:

I still haven't received the tournament reward

Dinolord, the tournament doesn’t work. Why? Because Ludia never followed through with their promises to ban cheaters and spoofers, and basically gave them a slap on the wrist.

They also didn’t reset their accounts, or ban them from being able to take part in the tournament. Now There’s tons of honest players getting trounced by insane teams of dinos, their ranking getting dropped (which was another lie from Ludia - they told us that losses to spoofers wouldn’t ding your ranking, but there are now TONS of players getting dropped by spoofers in the tournament.), and well…

It’s a badly implemented idea, just another cash grab from Ludia. They can’t seem to rent a clue.


Now there’s a level 10 player on the leaderboard at #2 with insanely levelled dinos that no one’s ever seen on an honest player at the same level. The current theory is that It’s a player who was banned and is using a bot.

Lots of people are really cheesed off by this, and also by the fact that Ludia sits on their arses, doing nothing about it. That person should have had alarms going off at Ludia as soon as he hit the leaderboard.


He’s got 2 legendaries now. There’s no conceivable way he could do that at level 10, unless he was spoofing like mad.


If its a new account & person played previously then surely they would know which Dino’s to not level up and which to level & gather DNA. I had 2 legendary at Level 11 - I also have a lot of reasonably high levelled “junk” Dino’s that were levelled just for xp. Without “junk” levelling /xp, would have legendaries at a lower level … Though main thing is that it was obviously a slow process, for someone to do it very quickly would be suspicious. I’m sure minimum level to get a good team is quite low if focus only on a few target Dino’s (but where’s the fun in not darting junk, even if excuse is purely that may be useful in future)


Hey, @dinolord. Rewards will go out to those in the top 500–as well as anyone at or above 4,000 trophies. You must maintain and defend your rank until the tournament’s end in order to win that particular prize.

So if you’re #1 for 3 whole days, but another player beats your trophy score and maintains the #1 position through the end of the tourney…you don’t get first prize. Your prize would be determined by the number of trophies you possessed at the time the tournament ended. Similarly, if you lose a bunch of battles and can’t get back up to 4,000 trophies by the time the tournament ends, you won’t win a prize.

This is my interpretation of the tournament rules and how it’s set up. Best of luck with that Indoraptor!


He’s at the #1 Spot so far. Ludia still hasn’t caught on. This guy has to be using a bot account. There’s no conceivable way a level 10 player could shoot up the ladder that fast, unless he was cheating.


literally, When are you going to send it?


What?! A level 10 at second place?? That’s insane I’ve been here since beta never have seen past 88 spot and 88 spot was for like 5 minutes then back to below 500 place I’m lucky to stay above 500 place each day .


Thanks for answering my question :+1: