Question re: Daily Supply Drop Limits


So i just read this:

And it implies there’s a daily dart limit you can get from supply drops, is this true?

I’m VIP and have currently reached my daily limit for coins & cash, and you would therefore expect that every supply drop would give me 3x sets of darts… but no, instead in some instances i only get 1 or 2 spins… RIP!


Batteries were removed completely in the May release. They provably removed the dart cap then as well (if there was one) although there’s no mention of it in the release notes:


No, when you hit the coin/cash limit, it still seems to calculate whether each spin gives you coins/cash/darts, but only gives you the darts. So you might get 3, 2, 1 or 0 darts from each spin.


Sneaky sneaky programming there!


I think the cap limit is pretty silly and will turn people away from the game. For Niantic you can hit the spins and take gyms and get coins at a rapid pace there is no cap and people are still fine with dropping dough on a great experience of a game.

The fact you can only hold a certain amount of darts is silly too. I mean… I have 3847473843 pokeballs and all I have to do is spend coins to extend my pack. In this you basically have to level and the increase isn’t enough. So once you hit the cap limit on coins and cash, what are you hitting the supply drops for? They’re basically useless and null void. Especially because around my work there’s a bajillion supply drops and hardly any Dino’s, so I’m not using enough darts…

Just… things I hope they fix in the nearest future. Cause I love Dino’s. And I love the idea of the game. But I’m stuck in this weird terrible ratio of a million supply drops and four dinos.


I think the only limit on darts is number you can carry. 140 is the limit you can hold, but if you are using them, then you can keep refilling all day.
It used to be that you could go over the 140 limit if your darts were full, but you received darts in an incubator. (So your screen would read 150/140 darts) Recently, that seems to have changed. They no longer let you keep the darts from incubators - the limit is just 140. If you have 140 and spin a supply drop or get an incubator that give you darts, it adds nothing to your cache of darts! Sorry!