Question regarding incubator


I wanted to ask if I purchase the rare incubator is it a one time thing what I mean is as we get a free incubator in some time. Will the free incubator change to rare incubator or will it be a one time only??


The purchasable incubators are one time only. Keep in mind the higher your level; the better the reward but also the more expensive they become. Imo higher level = always better in terms of pay / reward. The only one that remains free is the free incubator in the shop. The ones via Arena have to be earned accordingly; higher arena = slightly more reward / incub. But dont be too encouraged; after arena 6 (Lockdown) pretty much everyone had multiple legendaries. Mostly because they bought them since i’ve been playing since beta pretty much started and i dont even have any level 15 epic lol. So it becomes pretty hard to level up! Arena 5 is do able if you get level 15s+ really, even commons. This is the best way to gain good incubators. You can also earn rare and even epic incubators via arena (12h rare, blue one. 24h epic, orange one), so good luck! The free incubators are generally just rewards which is a one-time thingy. Even the VIP one as far as i see; which is very unfortunate imo. So if you plan on buying them; its really only a head start since you can get any of them in the arena - except the premium one!


Thanks for the reply. Epic incubator is too costly would’ve purchased now probably will buy the Rare


I also tried one when i started the game; just take in mind rare and common spawn rates have been buffed so if you’re lucky they will spawn more frequently. Epic indeed is expensive but could be worth it if you really want to get epic dinosaurs going. You can still get them via Arena; so far i received 3 i think? Same for the rare ones really its pretty even. One and a half month of play time i guess so its pretty do able! They hold almost 300 epic DNA which is insane if you think about it…


Purchased the epic got meh!! Deal


Yeah the bought incubators mostly contain the new dinosaurs it seems. Most of the time you’ll get loads of new dinosaurs which you dont find on the go.


But 1437 DNA of one Dino is not great it would’ve been great of different dinos


Yeah thats the downside really; you never know which one you’ll get. Good and bad; the more different dinosaurs you have, the more levels you’ll get. High level dinosaurs are expensive to level but gain substantial amount of XP… But i still think leveling low ones to level… 15-ish is one of the better methodes to level up fast. So random “dont need this dino” is still very good for level XP!

Mostly buying multiple solves this or just go out and catch them all really. Or gain arena ones hehe. Commons are still very good and even the hybrids you can make from them so good luck! :wink: