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Question regarding unlocks

So ever since they shuffled unlocks in the Battle stages and made restrictions of XP levels in events, many players, including me, have this issue where we are high level enough to not get the dino we want to unlock as the dino being offered is already unlocked for us. Now on the Battle Stages side, from the wikia, it says AeroTitan is unlocked in Battle Stage 75 but after the recent update I am getting DNA instead. So how am I supposed to unlock AeroTitan? Has Ludia ever given a proper answer for this?

I think that the only way to unlock it is from the recently added “unlock events” . The unlock event creature this week is Dimorphodon , for high level players . You can also get some Aerotitan from modded PvP .

From what I understand they are going to be doing unlock events for all of the standard creatures that used to be unlockable via the battle stages. Just have to wait as they cycle through them.

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But the Battle Stages were already cycled. They removed Aerotitan from Stage 75. Is there a community manager that can shed some proper light on this?

The Aerotitan was removed from battle stages, to make the progression better. It will be unlock-able via an event at a later date.

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Thanks for the reply but will the event be a normal one? As in not requiring a certain level I have already passed?