Question related to Incubators earned from battles


Dear Support,

I was wondering, is there anything that triggers what incubator you get from a battle?
I know there are the folowing incubators:

  • 15 min (tiny)
  • 3 hours (small)
  • 8 hours (medium)
  • 12 hours (rare incubator)
  • 24 hours. (epic incubator)

Are there any higher?
Can you also earn a premium one from battles and what time do they need to incubate?
So is there any trigger that says why you get a small or epic incubator? or is it all random.


I belive its all random / luck what type of incubator you will get after battle


I remember someone claimed to get a premium from battle. Think it has like less than 1% chance of getting if true. It’s not random because if it was we’d all get a bunch of 24h ones by now.


It’s possible to have an epic incubator after a fight ??? Are there conditions or is it random?


The condition is it’s extremely rare. I’ve only gotten one 24h out of like 100.


Ive played since launch and was shocked when i got my 1st 24hr incubator because itblooked exactly like the 15min one. Ive also had one thst was bigger! No joke. Only once though. C as nt remember how many hours it was supposed to take. I just opened it lol it was AWESOME! Wish i kne how a trick to how u get the incubators.


Bigger than 24h???
Anyone had a bigger one?
24H is the biggest one i’ve ever seen… its compared to an epic incubator…
A bigger one is a premium i think :o


Hi! Please visit this topic to know the sequence of the incubators you earn from won battles:

I am testing this as well and I am in 4th cycle and it works exactly like this

Here’s also another link What determines the battle incubator length? but I am not sure of this, still testing, for now I received one 12h incubator and three 8h incubators.

Hope this help!


I had one that was fully Gold I think that was the 24h one I am 2684 in the ring and only ever had 1


There is a pattern to the incubators. I learned this on Metahub in the Jurassic World Alive section and I verified it myself. It’s not just that I think this, it’s a fact.

The pattern is:

3 hr, 15 min, 3 hr, 3 hr, 8 hr
3 hr, 15 min, 3 hr, 3 hr, 8 hr
3 hr, 15 min, 3 hr, 3 hr, 8 hr
3 hr, 15 min, 3 hr, 3 hr, 8 hr
3 hr, 15 min, 3 hr, 3 hr, 12 hr

Then the that pattern will repeat and instead of the final 12 hour, you will eventually get a 24 hour incubator. I just got my 24 hour incubator so I’ll be able to track the longer pattern of how often you get the 12 hr versus 24 hour incubator, Another poster in the other thread says that after three full patterns with the 12 hour incubator, you will receive a 24 hour incubator instead of the 12 hour incubator.

Keep track yourself and you will see it’s true. Enjoy!


I was apparently wrong. Lol 24hr is the biggest. I miss understood . Darn sleep insomnia lol. Ibdid notuce from battling all day. About every 5th or 6th battle i WON i got an 8hr incubator. Thrn after my…24th battle got a 12hr incubator.


You only get an incubator when you win. The pattern is well known now, there is no guessing to it. The only thing I haven’t verified is how often you get eh 24 hour incubator instead of the 12 hour incubator. You have to track your incubators for quite a long time to find out. You were at the end of your pattern where you got the 24 hour incubator, so you should start tracking now and you’ll see for yourself.


I opened all of these on 22/6.

I captured this image today.

The Rare and Epic incubators are not randomized. As I’ve observed, I got 2 rares before 1 epic.