Question to all who leveled their Dracorex Gen 2

Its been rumored that plans on nerfing dracorex gen 2 moveset from swap in rampage to stun on future update is circulating. How many of you feel that changing this is like being decieved to spending so much time , effort and real money just to upgrade it and get robbed by nerfing it to uselessness. Second, if this happens, how many of you will demand full refund of every penny spent?

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Nothing new brotha. He’s just gona join stegodeus and the others


I don’t think that anyone has spent real money to level up Draco gen 2. I could level it but I decided not to and it’s still level 15. I’ll wait the next update, maybe the hybrid will get buffed :grinning:

Buffing the hybrid would be a better idea than to nerf the common

Took mine to 20, and knew what I was getting into every time I darted him. He helped me win a bunch of matches, so I’m not even mad.


Until the nerf happens, and the hybrid gets a buff, it’s still worth it to spend coins leveling him.

Players won’t be giving their swap in victories back so they can’t really demand their coins back :laughing:


Mine’s L20 (last two levels courtesy of the coin free for all :rofl:); won’t take it higher but no regrets as it shook things up a bit and its not like the hybrid is any good at the moment - mines L18, ready to go to L19. I like to imagine the screaming coming from the other side of the battlefield when you turn a defeat into a victory with it :smile:

A nerf won’t be a surprise although personally I think a two move lockdown would be better than changing the move - you carry a penalty as well as a bonus for having it on your team.

Ludia’s gotta nerf, Ludia’s gotta buff :fist_right: :fist_right:

I have mine at lev 17 and I am not planning to level her further. I have other dinos to prioritize that can be levelled to create uniques in the future and I know for sure draco gen2 will receive some kind of nerf in the next update.
By the way, I regret nothing, I won some battles with her so I can’t conplain.

If common is that lethal she will eventually get nerf and you can only blame yourself if you thought it would be the same forever and after.


Mine us 23 going on 24. Will probably stop there with over 2k damage on swap. I know it will get nerfed but seeing that doofy little Dino trot in and “chomp”, bye bye level 26 Tryko is so hilarious to me. I chose to enjoy it while it lasts. Game is supposed to be fun, so many on this forum forget that.


…also people who cry about wanting more coins must not have been around at the beginning. Used to have 2 ways of getting coins, spinning supply drops and paying for them. Between all the strike events last week, I easily got over 60k coins. This feels like it’s raining coins. Lol


If Ludia actually nerf it, I feel so bad for those who already invested a lot to build it. All investment just gone!

Rather than nerf, why don’t buff its hybrid?

Meh, developers either are inept (keep making the same mistakes) or greedy (keep making the same “mistakes”).

Either one does not bode well for the game’s future.

If they don’t nerf drac, they will nerf something else. If we were to lvl dinos on what might be or what might not be nerfed we wouldn’t level anything…

Drac is fun atm but a gamble as it reduces your useful pack to three but a pretty much guaranteed win if used to close and fortunately he is everywhere at the mo so easy to level.

It’s got nothing to do with being ‘deceived’ it’s got far more to do with jumping on the bandwagon and investing too much into something during it’s ‘introduction and balanacing period’. Dev’s cannot get the balance of new dinosaurs right first time everytime, we just need to be more patient to see what these dinosaurs become before we dive in.

Thanks for hearing your opinions, well i guess most of us dont matter much what devs do next to draco gen 2 since we used free coins upgrading it. For me, dracorex gen 2 is a statement from Ludia telling us that even a common dino can be considered apex , Uniques and legendaries are harder to create which gives them more flexibility moveset wise but it doesnt mean common dinos are useless. Still its all their hands if they choose to turn one into trash.

I used the rare Dracorex before 1.5 and switched to the gen 2 version in 1.5. I do expect it to get nerfed, but not to the level of the rare Dracorex, so I expect it’ll still be better than what I used before 1.5. No regrets on my side as long as that’s true.

The only downside is that now more people have learned how to deal with it, lol.

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