Question to the top 500 players

What’s worth leveling nowadays?

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They can’t tell you, or those dinos mentioned might be in ver.1.6 nerf list.:sweat:


Well I jumped on the Diloracheirus bandwagon last patch and we see how long that thing lasted…

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Depends. You talking uniques?

Tryko is stupid strong.
Rinex is very very good still too.
Diloracheirus, eh, its good. Its worth levelling. Im just bitter.
I like the two new chomper uniques.
And of course, erlidomomus

Tryannaolphosaur is really good
Stegodeus is still quite good
Trago is a dps machine and still does well
Monostego is much better now
Tryo is very strong in current meta
Indom is still good

Idk, i do know suchatator is still good.

This is all anecdotal and could be wrong or change. Based on a few dozen arena battles today.


even we don’t tell, ludia’s AI will scan the top dinos(i guess 8) used by top 50. and propose a plan to do NERF, mostly ledgendaries that have been most popular. also, which special offers are most popular, then after several weeks, they will nerf the components inside. so u have to buy a new one and evolve it from zero

then if u complain, they will send u a link saying that they are legal to change all the statistics in this game…

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Yeah mostly uniques.

The ones I’m considering most based on my progress are Diorajasaur, Utarhinex, Thoradolosaur, and Magnapyrritor.

Current team is 25 Stegodeus, 20 Indominus Rex, 24 Indoraptor, 21 Diloracheirus, 21 Tragodistis, 21 Rajakylosaurus, 22 Tryostronix, 22 Monomimus.

Haven’t battled today because I’m just not really looking forward to the experience since I don’t have the coins to make my team viable again. Sitting at 5k.

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I know, even we don’t say, those complaining for nerf something threads (might come out later) will automatically let them know.
Just feeling tired for that.:roll_eyes:

dio is a bitter sweet…bleeders, newly introduced monsters can kill it easily. nowadays, stun and bleeding are important, speed no less than 108 or 109

The order id go were i you would be:

Rinex to replace mono
Thor to replace idk, rajaky? Dio obv too. Its good.

Just my opinion.

I’m gonna have to start looking at Tapjoy again. Getting Rinex probably won’t be too hard assuming I get Dracorex donations, Dio wouldn’t take much effort too. What I’m really dreading, despite the abundance of DNA, is the cost to level Tarbo to 20 for that unique (I have it at 5). But ok, that gave me some direction and I know you’re up there on the leaderboards so thanks for that input.

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Diloracheirus is still very good, it got a bit worse, but since the meta moved it will be just fine

If your close to rinex im guessing you have a level 20 utahsino or close to… id sugest replacing mono with him for now… hes really good right now, plus he has more health, damage, little bit of armor and is more consistent then mono…

Mono isnt unplayable right now but it lives and dies by evasive now. I did have a match where my mono went nuts and dodge the whole team, but i had way to many where his low health and a moss dodge proved fatal. I decided to put mine on the bench…

Got a 17 Utahsino and a 15 Dracorex. I can get Draco and Utah to 20 but I don’t have a lot of leftover Draco. Plus I would need quite a bit more coins than I have now unfortunately.

Maybe level utah to 20 and use him in monos place while you get everything else set up… just an idea…

Created and leveled dioraja, elridominus and monostegotops when they was trash and now i have no regrets. Anyway i never regret leveling dinos, even when i leveled my i rex to 23 and pyrritator to 23 cause i dont never know when the meta will change again and i ever have some decent dinos to replace