Question to those who already have Gorgosuchus

is megalosuchus hybrid any good to get even if I’m not at multi-fusion level? Because I’m at level 12 I think right now. P.S not my megalosuchus Shout-out to whomever this belongs to

oh wow

this is great

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I like its design, but it definitely needs a buff. I still think it’s epic component is better.

Definitely needs a rampage.


I feel Gorgosuchus is better than Megalosuchus, I used Gorgo till I was in Arena 6. The legendary definitely needs a buff, maybe some armor too?
They both go down to cunnings (unless they are boosted big time), though Gorgo can Cleanse Impact to go out with a big hit.
Since the epic has higher health, it can also survive Resilient attacks to pull off a rampage. Not to mention it outspeeds most Resilients and has speed decrease Immunity. Gorgo beats(literally) Megalo by a small margin:

I’d say stick to Gorgo for now.

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But looking at megalos move set and it could easily become a flock counter.
Just needs a couple of thing to help it.

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Okay I’ll Keep That In Mind Thank You.

Megalosuchus is garbage
Yeah thats all I really need to say

They’re both bad but Gorgo at least can hold its own for longer.

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Nice Megalosuchus!
I believe Gorgosuchus is better for now. But save your Gorgosaurus dna for Scorpios Gen 3

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Sorry For Responding To All Of You So Late Was Caught Up In Stuff But Thanks For The Advice And Feedback

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