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Question who wins bronto or thylo

So what going thru the Dinodex to see my counters for the dinos that I have and came across this for thylos profile

According to this it says bronto wins against thylo 100% of the time but I was like super uncertain of this cause during the tourn we had for epic hybrids I always won with thyla against rhino so I checked the guide

And like the only way I think it’s wins is if it uses maybe rending but I’m not sure but there is no way with it’s two rampages it can kill thyla. Well without a crit anyway but still so you guys get this cause I really wanna know who would win?

Cause like I’m very confused; also @Piere87 do you think you can elaborate on this

  • Thylo wins
  • Bronto wins
  • Tie

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Did An experiment if anyone wants to see and sorry for the bad quality:
Also shout out to 121animal for helping make this battle took about 30 mins for each of us to get them

Bronto has a 5% chance to win against thylacotator. Thy can take on both rampages from brontolasmus if it doesn’t crit on one of them, most of the time thy will win, but rarely the double rhino can win against the fish eating mammal.

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Ya that was my thought which is why I’m soo confused on the 100% win rate

whoops. i missread that.
thyla wins most of the time

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Just click show votes and change your answer :wink:


What I’m stumped on is if it can take it out with rampage and then a rend which is maybe how it wins 100% of the time but I’m not sure since it’s only 40% of the opponents hp

Rending Strike does only 1800 damage, less than a Rampage.

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Thxs @Qaw so it confirmed bronto only has a 5%-10% chance to beat thylo

We are still working on updating the Dinodex with the updated matchups for 1.11 as well and we have an improved simulator so that might not be 100% correct right now.

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Ya cause I just did a friendly battle and bronot loses almost always unless it gets a crit

I might have to run the matchups for it as well just to see what moves are needed for the win.

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I got ya converted I’m uploading a video of a friendly battle in my alliance so I’ll let ya know when I link it also it has to go for two rampages to get thylo to 100 health

But we also have a way to look and see what the sims say is the perfect move order. It can often bring to light something we would have never thought of in terms of order of moves that allows a particular creature to win.

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Oh okay ( 10 characters )

Let’s find out;

Dunno how the sims work so maybe this has nothing to do with it, but on update 1.10 it was announced that Thyla’s HP would drop to 4350. Maybe it’s considering the match at that stat, in which case Bronto would certainly always win 1 on 1

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That’s true but they canceled that change at the last second cause of backlash if I remember correctly

Plus even if they did it wouldn’t make sense due to its parents having the same health so I guess that why they just were like ya let’s not do that

Thyla should win 90% of the time. It loses if bronto crits either rampage, but not otherwise.

Interesting. Is it possible to find out what the perfect move order in this case is? Because the way I see it, Thyla will always 2 shot brontolasmus with lethal wound + rending takedown, and bronto can’t take down thyla in 2 turns no matter what moves, unless it crits.

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