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Question who wins bronto or thylo

The only way I see it is if goes for superiority strike first (idk why anyone would do that) then go for DP and then lethal other wise it always wins. Unless rhino gets a crit anyway

This is true. However, didn’t Piere say that it would always choose the best move order? I assume that goes for both. It wouldn’t make sense if thyla chose it’s worst moves and bronto chose it’s best ones.

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Ya cause I’m that case if they both went with there worse thylo could maybe win even then but where gonna have to wait, but anyway I did my research and own battle so hopefully they add that new info to the dinodex

It’s pretty normal for a hybrid to have a lower stat than the parents

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Ya but that mostly happens when the parents stats are drastically different; ex: alloraptor, Indoraptor, tryko, nemys. But in this case the parents are similar enough that the stats would be close if not the same; ex: purutaurus, Edmontoguandon, maxima

So it be the latter in this case

Anyways, I think you guys are putting too much thought into this, lol… The only explanation is what I’ve said, a mistake with the numbers. For that or whatever other reason.

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Ya It still it could be a reason why people it off but also was something to let the game press team know they do always a good job but sometimes like us they make mistakes.

Lol we’re gamers we put too much thought and focus into everything