Questions About Bosses

I have enough B-DNA to unlock Omega-09 and I have a few questions. My account is currently level 38.

Question 1: Is it worth it to do it now? Are there downsides?

Question 2: What are the pros and cons of bosses? Do they make gold? Do they have special abilities? Do they fight in their own arena?

Question 3: Am I missing out on anything rewards wise for not recruiting a boss right now?

Question 4: Do I unlock Omega-09 or do I save for Juggernaut-32? I currently have 9,225 B-DNA?

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Juggernaut has the highest feriocity but it will take a while to get 10000 more B-DNA.

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Answer 1: I don’t think there are many downsides, they have no cooldown and its just a spectacle to have a boss in the park and the only downside would be the space they occupy.

Answer 2: pros would be that you can use them in the special boss fights for getting Amber, creatures and resources, but the price to enter is mainly bucks (120 for Time To Strike and 200 for Battlefield Domination, and they both yield the same prizes at the end, so TTS is more worth it; other than that its just 1 BOSS Vs X amount of creatures, which are of 30 and 20 bucks), just check your bucks production if you can manage these. Yes they do make coin but not much (that is… relative, in my case its not enough), every boss produces 6000 coin per 2 Hrs irrespective of the level they are at. And yes they have their own arena. Yes they do have their own special abilities.

Answer 3: Only the rewards you get for leveling one up

Answer 4: Do unlock Omega 09, but only on the condition that you have done the most Omega 09 Boss missions you possibly can. If you do unlock it, don’t spend all of the B-DNA on leveling it up, save some because when you unlock all 4 of them (that is of course after you have done the max amount of their respective missions) you can simultaneously level them up and create a balanced roster.


What is amber? I assume it is a different currency?

In regards to your answer to question 4, why do I want to do as many Omega 09 Boss missions as possible before unlocking?

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The Boss unlock missions yield a greater amount of bdna. There are other missions, but they don`t give that much dna.

Amber is a New currency, that alows you to buy Dinos on the Amber Market. There are Dinos, that you can`t buy with dna


Ok, so what I am gathering is to not “unlock” a boss dino and continue to gather the B-DNA by doing the missions that pop up? Is there a goal in mind for those missions or just keep going?


I finished every Mission of the rex Boss and than summoned him. Than i took in every Mission of the trike boss. Summoned and continued with the pteranodon Boss. Currently i am working in the Amphibian. Could summon him right now, but i want to Finish His missions first. Took me araund two months, since i Starter working in thus Bosses.


Yes and no, I do not want to imply that you shouldn’t unlock the boss, rather I am trying to say is, you need DNA to get max out a certain creature, so you save up for it, you do every event possibel for DNA, similarly completing as many B-DNA missions (that are under the particular bosses, not necessarily daily ones) will yield a huge amount of B-DNA, which you will in the future use to level up your Bosses past Level 40 (Prestige, you can gather more info on this by scowering the forums as their has been a lot of discussion some time ago) which will give you more “special abilities” to use for the bosses. And now because ludia has implemented Boss vs Boss for Weekend Boss events, you can do more damage and get that Damage DNA easily. In short unlocking them at the right time and with the right resources is the best option to consider, after all its a game of patience.

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Thanks for those points. Yes, I am in no rush (don’t think the game is ending anytime soon), so I am I definitely not trying to rush through anything.

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Do not unlock Omega unless you have completed all or the Omega missions.

Each boss has unlock missions that give you the exact amount of BDNA to unlock it. Unlocking the boss prior to completing these missions will make you lose out on potentially thousands of BDNA as the missions disappear for the particular boss when you unlock it.


Can you give your reasons why? I know you have a lot of knowledge around these parts.

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As an example if a boss costs 12,000 BDNA to unlock it that’s how much you will get from their missions. But let’s say you have been doing the 3 day missions and have been collecting BDNA along the way (this is not associated with the unlock). You can get about 750 BDNA every three days if you do all of the missions.

Let’s say you have the 12,000 BDNA to unlock the next boss but you still have 6,000 left in missions from that boss if you unlock the Boss you lose the ability to collect that 6,000 BDNA which will take you about 24 days to collect from the 3 day missions if you do all of them. Where that BDNA could be going towards leveling the boss once you unlock it or going towards another boss that you have unlocked.

I recommend leveling your current boss to burn down BDNA to stay below the unlock threshold if you get close to it while completing the Boss specific missions. That way you don’t accidentally unlock the boss and loose access to those missions and their rewards.

BDNA is one resource you effectively can’t grind in quantity, you are limited to the 3 day missions, if you complete them in a day you still have to wait 2 more days to get more. You can earn peanuts in the boss battles with the potential of winning 10, which is laughable, but the only way to really earn it is capped or by spending real money so any you can get from missions is critical to the ability to timely progress your bosses.


Awesome, thanks for the in depth reply!