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Questions about discounts

i just wanted to know how often do aquatic and cenezoic discounts come around? i know there’s one going on right now but i feel like i only see them every once in a while compared to the land creatures that are every week. i ask because i want to know if i should take advantage of the discount now or wait since it could potentially happen every week like the land creatures

They happen pretty often Thursday is the best because everything is 20 percent off if your a vip but wensday


so aquatic and cenezoic discounts happen every thursday?

Check this thread out, it has every detail you’ll ever need including discount timings.


Just be aware that discount times on my spreadsheet can often be an hour off in either direction, due to Ludia often taking awhile to adjust them every time DST start or end rolls around. I believe right now for instance the times are 1 hour behind when the discounts actually do show up.