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Questions about Epics with increase appearance for a week!



I have a questions about Epics with increase appearance for a week.

  1. Are they can be spawned anywhere? Like this week it’s Darwin so it can spawn outside of parks too now? (BTW anyone found him yet this week?)

  2. And can they spawn during night time too? or time is still what they normally supposed to have?


In theory yes to both, but in actuality no because 2x0 is still 0


I have gotten one from a scent in L2 and saw a wild one in L3, so yes they can technically appear anywhere.

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I saw one in L2 last night, but that’s it.

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Last night, around the corner from my house :ok_hand:t2:

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Since start of the increase I saw one at night in L3 and one at day in L4 so yes possible!


Yes, anywhere. I found one today on my normal 45 minute loop. If you look you will find them.


I opened 1 large scent and 1 rare scent in the park today and saw 0.

I mean if they say active, i’d hope they are really active.


Well those scents do not have a great percentage rate for the spawning of an epic especially one particular one. You are looking for an epic and these scents do not increase your chances of having one spawn very much.


They do not have a great percentage to spawn an epic. But that’s the point of this pursuit week event. They should be spawning more often in their spawning area.

Scent trigger spawn in general and with the event in mind they should have a higher spawning rate globally. But if they just increase the percentage by 0.001 percent and call it a day, then it really doesn’t worth it and in long term it won’t trigger incentive for players to be more active, which is a big failure in their part.


Rare scents actually have the least likely chance of spawning an epic. If you want more chances of attracting it, you’ll need to try an epic scent in a park.

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ive seen 4 so far and not in parks

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really…that’s a huge let down!


I want to have your kind of chance… : /
My Darwezopteryx has been stuck at 120 / 200 for a long time already…

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It’s still Pterovexus out? I thought it changes every week?


It’s still the Vexus hybrid pursuit. We already had Galli and Mono so Darwin is the last part of the equation.

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Clearly I’m not caught up on the lingo idk what L2 or L3 is?


I guess they are referring to the area of spawn, as in area 2, area 3… if I didn’t misunderstand.


Gotcha okay pretty sure I’m area 3


Yes, L2 and L3 refer to the local zones.