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Questions about friendly challenge

  1. If a person still involve in another battle or fight in the arena, can we still sent a challenge request to her?

  2. I noticed there is a freeze period after we complete a friendly challenge. Any idea how long it would be?

  3. The green dot beside the screen name represent that friend is online. How about the red dot?
    I don’t understand most of my friends online but didn’t accept my challenge. is it due to their connection issues Or they simply don’t bother to do a friendly battle?

  1. Yes you can send request if one involved in arena/ friendly battle which he’ll receive after completing the battle.
  2. I don’t know if there’s cool down period cuz I received challenge request back to back many times.
  3. Red Dot means either he’s in battle or if someone challenge him. Whenever I challenge a friend his status turned green to red one.
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I used to reject a lot of requests as I have the game running most of the time but I am doing other things so can’t battle. People could also be running scents, etc… Now I always request a PvP via Alliance chat and most people know to ask me first as well.

@Pirate thanks for the answer.
I understand sometimes my friend online are running scents but I can say 90% of times I sent a challenge request and most of them did not response to it.
I suspect it could be a bug?

It happens with me sometimes. It seems like a bug. One can’t see request unless he’s on map or friend list page.

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How about this?
Status is green (online) but I just couldn’t sent out the challenge request

I think you’ve already sent request to someone else and maybe cuz it’s showing guest instead of username