Questions about Hadrox Lux: will she be rotated or will she be added to Saturdays

Hey there! I noticed that the new raid boss will be replacing Hadros later this month. While we are always excited for new raids, there are still many on the Raid servers I help manage that have yet to unlock Hadros, and they really would like a chance to collect her.

Will she be a rotated raid, or is there a possibility she will be added to Saturday’s lineup? I know many people would appreciate this very much!

Thank you as always :slight_smile:

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pretty sure the same thing will happen as mortie BUT it still mean 2 pex raids on one day which people will moan about for what reason i dont know…dont need it dont do it :stuck_out_tongue:
i mean…there are new people late bloomers that need it …i mena they have this recruit thing going …i think…never touched it why recruit when your not giving access to all the dinos.


Either that or they’ll have 2 bosses the same day. I mean we already have so there wouldn’t be any need to change the rotation at all


At-least I would like to have a confirmation that Hydros is not going away. I am yet to unlock him and don’t want to miss the collection option.

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Wait till Friday

Nope next thursday
They pushed the update back

Are the update notes out?

The same thing that happened to mortem

No I just searched

Any news on this? I know a lot of people who still need Hadros raids, and were very disappointed they cannot either unlock or finish her now. Trying to help people out <3

yeah saturday with haast maximus

would love this for others. I personally do not need, but many still do, and I want them to be able to unlock and earn enough DNA to level hadros like I was. Seems only fair <3