Questions about the game


1- do Dino’s have biomes they spawn in? Or do they spawn in “herds” I tend to see a lot going f the same Dino in the same area. 2- do epics always spawn in dangerous areas or have I just been unlucky to only see them there 3- what’s the best way to get exp iv been playing for a few weeks but I’m only lvl 4


Exp only gained by unlocking or leveling up dinos

  1. They random spawn in different locations, but of course the most common will always appear to be spawn. You will randomly get rares and epics appearing in the same area.

  2. Some epics will sometimes spawn in the same locations, but there is also a random spawn chance in all areas.

  3. Just keep collecting DNA and level up even common dinosaurs. You will finally start to see if slow down, but just keep playing and having fun :slight_smile: