Questions for Ludia - March 17th 2022

Do we have to wait all the way to the next update to be able to kick inactive players from our alliances?
Unless someone leaves, I cannot let any new players into my alliance.

Do we have to wait all the way to the next update to hopefully get the fix to some players game freezing on raid invites or waiting several minutes for the purple ball and an error message before being able to join a raid?
I’m dealing with this as I do raids between my accounts but for those who are out there blindly not understanding this in frustration, it would be nice to have this fixed sooner than later.


There was literally an update today to fix these issues, lol


How long will we wait for new tokens…!!

When will you nerf REFRE ?

When will you nerf mortem Insta move?

Neither Ref nor Mortem need nerfs


Thank you. The update is working as far as the alliance stuff. I will see if the problem goes away tomorrow when I do raids.

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None of them needs a nerf

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They’re perfectly balanced, and we get reset tokens at the end of the month in a good alliance

Like bro really the nerfs? Of all the buffs, mortem was the one i disliked with a passion because it forced me to drop the two creatures i enjoyed using. But just because i dislike it doesn’t mean it needs a nerf.

Bro Ref deserves this buff. It doesn’t need a nerf