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Hi, there i have two question for us:

  1. How much gb needs a game? I have level 99, full filled park space, game runs without any lags on tablet on my tablet with 2 gb ram, but the tablet does not start any other more demanding application simultaneously with the game. So, I suppose, game needs idealy least 2 gb ram for smoothly run?

2: do you make the game work on redmi note 8t? Or i must buy another phone, even my redmi is almost new and i must save money few months, than i can buy new phone.


@Ned @Keith can i please for some answer?

Hello Lucky14,
I do not have an answer for you. I know that you can find a list of compatible devices here: however it has not been updated in a while, but it is still a good baseline.

What about my first question?

I do not have an answer for you, The team goes by devices and not minimum ram as far as I know after asking them.

Ludia my game won’t log me in

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