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Questions for PVP'ers

I am curious as to how many Legendaries or super high levels of gear you have?
And do you think it is even worth pvp’ing without high level or legendary gear?

Oh, I have three Legendaries and the rest rare/epics on my teams. It seems no matter what my pvp score I am coming up against teams with mostly unbeatable gear. Is this at all levels at this point with just leveled legendaries as pvp score increases?

TLDR - Do most that play pvp have maxed gear?

I have some L2&L3 LEGs
but i think Lv is more important than rarity
actually im using some L16 common gears

character’s lv > gear lv > rarity

Less than half of my PvP outfit is Legendary. Some Legendary items are not suitable for PvP. The rest of my PvP items are a mixture of commons, rares and epics.

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I don’t like / use the majority of the leg I’ve picked up. Mix of epic / common

I use most of the legendaries I have but there are a few where I use epics instead. I haven’t cared to take the time to try and create and sort of synergy yet. Basically I keep whatever hits hardest. I figure if I ever take time to put some strategy into my gear I’ll probably pick up a few more trophies lol

I view legendaries as a trap. There is a window where L1 and L2 legendaries are great, but after that it is so expensive/time consuming to get them to L3 and L4 that I just ignore them. I am only using 4 legendaries across all 9 characters, and those will get dropped when the associated epic is L7. Epics are stupidly easy to obtain and max (compared to the other rarity’s). Rares and commons are harder to max, but some of them are well worth it. Anyone (including ftp) who grinds hard enough can max out most/all of their epics in a reasonable amount of time and be near the top of the trophy count. Heck, I’m average L6 or slightly higher on my characters and I loiter around rank 100.