Questions for those with more than one unique

As I’m stuck in the upper Arena 8 wasteland I realize I will probably need more uniques to advance. But which one?

I’m also stuck in L3 (desperately hoping that the update includes a zone rotation) and am therefore closest to creating Diorajasaur (60/250 DNA… all others are 0/250). I know to avoid Tuoramoloch based on what I’ve read.

If you have Diorajasaur, what’s your experience? Or what is your reason for not having her on your team?

Do you think adding this unique will help me get out of Arena 8? Or should I focus on another one (or my battle skills? Maybe it’s not the lack of uniques, but my strategy is lacking)?

Thanks for any suggestions/feedback.

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Im zone 3 forever and i managed to do some of their legendaries and uniques, tuoramoloch is near to create 200/250( i dont made a lot effort on it since is ugly aesthetic and trash unique xd), i have diorajasaur and to be true is like a tankier megalosuchus, but at least is cool, dont expect he will carry you so high. Same whit elrikosaurus he is like a weaker indominus but 200% more difficult to create and level. If you want powerfull uniques you need to grind in another zones like deinocheirus +ourano +dimetrodon zone.

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So you recommend I go for Deinocherus instead? Lack of Ouranosaurus DNA is the main problem there. Trykosaurus is a possibility, though (my T Rex isn’t 20 yet… had been focusing on my Indoraptor).

Thanks for your advice!

Im 4700 ish myself but lemme tell you. Just switch i.rex for tanycollagreua and you might do it. I.rex is good until you reach 4500 and after that its too easy to counter

edit: although tany might actually get a nerf+hybrid since as it is it is way too strong for a common. probably speed down to 128 or something. so it is good for now but who knows what 1.5 brings

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Deinocheirus is much better unique, and uhtarinex and indoraptor are the top 3 uniques for me. Anyway perhaps will be a migration in 1.5 or new op dinos whit buf/nerfs.
So all i do is focus on what the best dinos my zone have and focus on they, i grind 95% of time at zone where i live /work(zone3) and a few hours in my free time in the others zones.

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Intestingly I have yet to encounter a unique I couldn’t defeat… but if course the ones you see in Arena 8 aren’t very high level.

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So if im honest my friend. I think pick one of the monos and level it. Having both at a lower level might be holding you back.

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Why did you drop gorgo level 22?

To be honest gettin all your dinos to level 25 and 26 will do it! Irex is much stronger at level 23 or 24 as players rarely expect it that high and very few dinos use sheild and then theirs the dodgers. If you remember the gold background challenge eith a 24 gorgo 25 irex and 26 indo the main problem was irex because it needs a specific counter.

Some players in top 500 do this where as others do not.

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I’m not really who you’re asking (I have no uniques) but I would suggest taking out I-Rex for something like allosino. I read MetaHub’s article on RNG and I tend to agree. Also, a same level Tanycolagreus is the only dinosaur in the game to beat indoraptor 1 on 1 so maybe consider leveling him and putting him back on.
Also I hate paramoloch. She just doesn’t pan out for me very consistently. Tryostronix is one of my favorites that you don’t have on your team. He’s about the same speed as para but much squishier. If you can kill an opponent’s weakened Dino with ferocious strike and set him up for the next turn he’s great. The same goes for gorgosuchus, but he’s not immune.


I’ve got Dio on my team, still L21 as I was using Anky for Tryko. I plan on powering him and Rajakylo up ASAP. Dio is good, not great, but gets the job done.

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Which one would you suggest? The main problem is again lack of DNA.

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I wanted to try out my paramoloch. I’m honestly not sure which one has served me better (neither? :thinking:)

Thanks, that’s good to know.

P.S. You can give me your honest opinion if you think it must be lack of skill (I kinda asked for it). Picking the wrong team is part of that.

So the best thing to do frankly is wait till we have patch notes.

If both are left as-is, monomimus.

But, hard as it is, we should really wait for patch notes.

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I think your team looks pretty decent as is. You’ve got some speed, power, control, tanks, RNG, null, and shields.
Personally, I’d get that Para outta there for Gorgo or Rajakylo.

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I refrain from sayin my beloved Megalosuchus, cause I don’t even see it among your L20s lol

No, I value your opinion, uniques or not. Green isn’t always better (although I feel better when my Indo is in the lineup).

My Tryo is still low level, 18, but maybe I’ll try her just to get familiar with the moveset.

Right now, awaiting the update, is probably not a bad time to do that. And maybe I’ll end up back in the swamp for a better chance at T Rex DNA. :smile:

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Is he better than raja? The less powered sheild and similar health and attack seems bad! Only speed and sia seems to give an edge on other areas

She’s 18 but I have plenty of DNA and can level her. But many have said she’s not very good (gorgo better?) so now I’m even more confused. Yours is of course high level but you play in the big league not with us noobs :laughing:

Looks like you wasted a bunch of unique DNA leveling up paramoloch and pyritator