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Questions for Warriors of Waterdeep Developers

Can you please explain how PVP battle management for Silverhand Trials differs to normal PVP combat.

I find after about a week into a new month regular PVP is more balanced and competitive.

However I am constantly being steamrolled by other players and bots in the Silverhand Trials on a scale that very rarely occurs in regular PVP. There is a very distinct difference in the calibre of my opponents in the 2 types of PVP.

Also, regarding Tommus’s Warrior Duo weapon and shield, I am finding against some (very good) opponents that when their Tommus’s armor boost triggers, often when I hit an opponent, not only does it do no damage, but their health bar actually increases slightly? I assume “negative” damage takes the form of healing if the armor boost more than nullifies all the damage dealt. Can you please advise if this is a bug, or normal?

@Ravensclaw, unfortunately the developer is unlikely to discuss matchmaking. Unless things have recently changed, the link below provides a detailed explanation why players experience the variety of dissimilar matchmaking you mentioned.

PvP completely unwinnable

To summarize, Ludia matches players competing in events against much stronger heroes who are participating in regular Battle Mode (not event mode). This is why event match-ups are often unfavorable while Battle Mode (non-event) matches are exceptionally easy while events are ongoing. This rigging is especially effective early in the season after Ludia ‘tanks’ all League players.

[Note: I have not tested Event Mode in a few months, so the algorithms may have been altered in the interim.]

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