Questions From a Newbie

Currently level 24, almost level 25 and was wondering a few things.

  1. What levels are the most important to be prepared for? This could be new types of creatures, events, or even unlocks.

  2. What are the most important early hybrids/SRs/Legendaries to focus on?

  3. Tips on what to build early on to get good gold production but also minimize space used.

  4. Optimal way to get production boosting pieces around what you want. Do you put them around dinos or gold producing buildings?


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I suggest you take a look at the Dino Data Spreadsheet:

Look at the “Story Missions” tab and it will let you know what to expect. It is immensely helpful because it will let you plan.
There were countless times I’d collect coins from the paddocks, or food only to see that the next story mission needed me to collect x coins, making me wait till the paddocks were full again!

You will also get an idea of what unlocks to looks forward to.

You can start off with this. As you proceed to higher levels, you can start digging around the forum and you will find answers to pretty much everything.

Another very helpful resource would be @Sionsith’s Youtube channel:

I am sure others will chip in as well, but hopefully this should start you off.


This thread has so much useful reading it will keep you busy for a while…


Lvl 60 is a good level

Thanks for the replies, a few additional questions.

When do the different types of creatures open up past the base 4 types?

What is the difference in backgrounds when looking at a “legendary”? Some have a pure golden background and some have a shiny background.

Is there a good guide to explain how many gold buildings is the right amount?

I’m level 25. Prepare for getting B-DNA for bosses. Try to complete Super Rare unlocks. Hybrids that you should go for are Diplotator and Nundagosaurus if you have Tuojangosaurus unlocked. Get Pelicanipteryx because of the Super-Hybrid.

Legendaries with white backgrounds are normal legendaries. Legendaries with gold backgrounds are tournament exclusives and are pretty difficult. VIPs are the best creatures that are not hybrids.


Are are B-DNA? Is this special? I know I unlocked a mission that allows me to get other DNA for hybrids. I am working on getting Diplotator (pulled one from a pack)… and the other one you suggested… not sure where to get one of the pieces needed to make the hybrid though.

nonono don’t get gold buildings (otherwise known as VIP buildings, if they’re the buildings bought via loyalty points). I would spam purchase the Solid Gold packs with LPs.

As for the other question, the card with the full background gold is a tournament creature. They are accessible by CoT (clash of titans) at level 60 or by finishing in dominator in a tournament.

The other one, with half the background gold and the other half a yellowish white color, is a VIP creature. At your level, I would spam purchase them, they’re very good for their power to cd (cooldown) ratio.


I recommend working on Laborithosaurus. It is a combination of two common creatures, (Argentinosaurus and Labyrinthotonia). I probably spelled those names really bad……

So you recommend not getting any power generators or any buildings like that?

I only have the Argentinosaurus… haven’t gotten the other one yet sadly. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Yes don’t buy buildings

The only good buildings are the Badge Beacon and Revenue tower (which you can click on and it will give you all the coins from the surrounding dinosaurs)
Badge beacon:

Revenue Tower:

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Yeah, I have those spread between my enclosures. So what should i do with all my coffee shops and power generators? Sell em? Lol.

you can sell them if you want, but I f you have enough space ig you can hang on to them

So should I only make the buildings that are needed for quest unlocks? I have like 3 hotels and 4 coasters and so on lol…I mean I have some room for em but I am started to get cramped for room again.

It’s okay to have buildings out but not in place of paddocks unless it’s for a mission. The worst Dino is better than the best building especially as you add boost to it by decorations.



Thanks for the advice, I watched some of the “beginner vids” you made. Have you thought about updating them and expanding them a bit, especially with how the game has changed?

Is there a video or topic that you think needs updating? I am open to suggestions. I think the next video might be on the next world boss raid depending on what functionality stays the same or changes based on the last released one.


Pelicanipteryx is Pelicanimimus + Hatzegopteryx. Both can be collected from packs like Zinc Fidelty and the Common Pack from PvP.