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[Questions] Jurassic World Alive | Alliances

Hello DPG members, with the new update, a new feature for the game has arrived: Alliances! We understand that players will have lots of questions regarding Alliances. Most of the answers to some common questions should be available on our FAQ page once version 1.5 goes live:
However, if there’s a question you have that’s not addressed on our FAQ, I’ll be happy to try and help as well.
Our devs will also be taking questions about the Alliances, so if you have any questions you would like to ask about Alliances, feel free to post them here and I’ll relay them back to our devs.

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How many people can join an alliance?


Ty in advance to the devs for coming down to field our questions :pray:


Can you be a part of only one alliance?

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Let’s wait to see what’s in the faq before maybe no?
The version is not live so does the faq at the moment.

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The neverending storyyyyyyyy!


Do DNA trades have min prices or an ingame fee?

Can I set a fee of DNA and coins for new members? Just as compensation for big effort on keeping alive my Alliance.

PS: just joking bro…

Can you be matched in ladder with alliance members? I hope not.


What will happen to DNA received in a trade from a player later found to be a spoofer? Seems like an easy way someone might try to “wash” DNA from a cheater account to a clean account. Hope there’s a mechanism to track disproportionate trading is all I’m saying.

Edit; okay, okay, that’s what’s up. Y’all knocked it out of the park with the alliances and DNA trading. I formally redact my concerns. Well done guys and gals :clap::raised_hands:


IDGT902, MNBrian, if you start an alliance, i’m interested. I have many fight with both of you. Your are tough player. Pocemon? Others?

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Will there be a ranking for alliances. How about benifits for members of alliances that complete certain challenges? For instance, access to alliance specific incubators or incense that only unlock for alliances that have achieved specific alliance achievements.

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@Idgt902 started one i think. Looks pretty scary. :smiley: Not sure if i’d have the stuff to be in it. :smiley:

Is there a way to tell how much DNA an alliance member has donated?

Hey FishNPocket, you should be able to see how much DNA each alliance member donated when you tap on the “i” icon on the upper right corner of the DNA request banner once your request is completed or timed out. If the information doesn’t appear, could you take a screenshot of the banner and send it here at so our team can investigate? Thanks!

Apparently you can:

This is a big problem. You wanna talk exploits? Lets talk win trading. Ludia, please dont let us match each other.


I cant believe they let it go live like that… well i guess i can but wow… as much as they borrowed from clash royale you would have thought they would have learned how nova exploited this in clash

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When an alliance member requests DNA, is the request supposed to show to all alliance members? One of my members requested some, and another member could see and respond to the request, but I (leader) could not even see the request. Why?

Also, when trading DNA, does it take the coin from the player receiving the DNA? If so, is there a way to see that price before requesting?

Once I’ve joined an Alliance, can I leave that
alliance and join another Alliance?

How would win trading work in arenas anyway? ^^

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