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If you don’t collect your dna can people still donate? I tried asking my alliance but my messages don’t appear in the chat…


Hi Ned,

If this is the case, then it isn’t really DNA trading as much as DNA gifting, with a coin reward i guess? I’m a little concerned about the possibility of gaming the system.

The fact that it’s limited to 2 requests per day is helpful and the fact that you have a daily coin cap – but have there been any considerations of raising the daily coin cap and merging this coin cap into the daily one? Or do coins earned for donating dna also apply to the main daily coin cap?

Trying to wrap my head around these benefits for donating and what people might do because of it. Guilds may want members always requesting useless DNA just so the request is out there and people can gain coins.


If you promote someone to leader, are there then 2 leaders, or do you get demoted and can’t get your place back?


well thats not the case ned cause i asked dna 2 times the other day, not even once today, and now i got a 1d 1h timer before asking again, all i did all day was trade my own dna to other players


Is there no way to cancel join requests?


You article on the hit n run meta is amazing


:slight_smile: Thank you very much! Appreciate it greatly! :smiley:


Can I only ask one alliance to join?

is this the fact or can I ask many alliances and if I should get some acceptions could I then choose which alliance I‘ll join?


Did you get a response to this? When is the daily refresh time? I’m pretty keen to get some Dimorphodon before I battle the strike tower today and need 118 more DNA to use it. I missed dawn so it’s time to request… only it’s apparently not time to request even though the counter says 0.0


Did you find out what time the daily refresh time is?


Eh I’m going to have to wait like 30 hours (not sure of the exact time I requested) between requests.


Pretty sure it is 8 pm est. Same time that supply drops refresh. Although daily objectives reset at midnight.


The time limit is fine but the timer is all messed up. I could request like 30minutes after posting this even though it said 0mins and then 16hours


Are new elements going to be added to Alliances over time? My suggestions would be:

  • Epic trading even if at a reduced amount compared to commons and rares.
  • Will Alliances gain benefits for members doing well in Arenas or something that benefits the Alliance for working together.


Great suggestions @Colin_Goodman! Our team is definitely planning on adding more features related to Alliances in the future, so if you have any more ideas or feedback, please keep them coming.


hey I deff think u should split up the highest ranked ppl not fair that they clan up and run the top of the leader board u should split them up to make it fair instead of them all in apexpredator clan


In all fairness, mate… I like the epic trading idea, but they really need to get all the spoofers out of the Alliances first, otherwise they’ll have easier access to DNA - at the expense of all us non-spoofing players.

And I can def back up the need for achievements based on battles won for your alliance. Any win would be tallied as a win for your Alliance. I could see this used for Alliance tournaments, where it’s each player representing his/her alliance to accumulate trophies, which are added collectively as a group effort. The leaderboard wouldn’t show individual players, instead it would show alliances.

It might take some work, but it’s a basic framework at this point.


Definitely agree about the cheaters/spoofers. But realistically we do need the ability to trade Epic DNA. Common and Rare is only really helpful for the newer players and those looking for basic hybrids. Long time players need help completing their Epics and Legendaries even if the amount is reduced.

I used to play a certain Trek themed game on my phone. The way alliances worked there was that the alliance had a “base” with rooms that required resources to complete. Once complete all members gained a benefit associated with it. Something like that which gets Alliance members working together for a benefit makes sense. Also, as I have mentioned before on this forum, as well the top players in a tournament I think there should be an Alliances benefit. Get playing and the Alliance benefits for it and all members receive some sort of reward.


I would love to see alliance ranking like they already have with individual players. The ranking can be based on the total members trophy count. With this, they can introduce alliance based tournament rewards that are equally dispersed throughout the group, or perhaps divided based on your rank within the alliance. Sure, you’re going to have those that will always be at the Apex, but we already have that. So, why not?


Hey there! I’m wondering if there’s any way to search for an alliance by location ? Hard to find any local ones