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Questions on compsocaulus

So okay I’m confused on the new unique.

So this what the JWA toolbox says about the new easy to make hybrid.

However in game this what it says (note this is not my personal Dino)

Yet in a recent ProC video where he is battling IGDT while I can’t tell the base speed is. It does show it being immune to decel (seriously Ludia you do understand slow is kinda needed to counter a pure cunning creature?!)

I mean it shouldn’t be even close to the strongest I mean it’s just an epic and rare. Not even a super just a regular hybrid. Wouldn’t mind it being like a beginners unique or gate keeper of sorts.

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Cunnings actually deserve something good for once, most of the meta is resilient dominated with touches of Nitro Thor and Nitro Mortems along with other problematic Apex’s, which is a far bigger concern than 1 cunning getting 100% immunity to Decel, they can be killed quickly if you use group attack moves. Compsocaulus is great and is well balanced for what it is. Hell even bleed can kill all 3.


Ya but just saying there better more expensive and deserving cunning’s out there. Some that really need buff then this easier to make one come also get and say hey I’m the king.


Also group are attack are not that effective due to its distractions. Still i think we need more time and testing to see how balanced it is. I’m just curious which stats are correct or if Ludia once again pulled a Ludia.

Compsocaulus actually seems relatively balanced. It has medium attack, decent speed, and low health. But, it’s a cunning that can be distracted, even if it’s resistant. A cunning that can be distracted is in no way “king”. The fact that it can’t be slowed is really good, but far from broken. This just means that it can go toe to toe with Resilients, which is heavily needed


I dont like that now we start to see Cunnings that have speed immunity because thats what their weakness should be, but because the arena is full of Deceleration, Resilients and there are not that many good Endgame Fierce, I see this as not that bad of an idea.
If this was me, ill make more endgame fierce creatures (and by fierce, not resilient - fierce or cunning fierce, pure Fierce, kinda like Grypolyth or Mortem or Thor).


Sorely need as well, I just personally feel it should have it cause it is pure cunning but I think it’s just depends on it’s matchups many have said it’s high elite or higher so idk it should have it if it’s too strong. And maybe that why Ludia got rid or added it again really like some official confirmation of it has it or not.

True but like should more fierce creatures be able to do that and not cunning. That kinda beating the whole purpose.

True, most Cunnings should beat most Fierce, fierce to resilients, resilients to cunning. But then you have things like Mortem Rex, and Ceramagnus, which absolutely dunk on just everything. The fact that Mortem has a Cleansing Strike making it able to completely get rid of Distract is ridiculous. So I think that a Cunning that can potentially take down Resilients is a good idea to shake up the current meta.

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JWA Toolbox gets the stats straight from the code and obv it’s immune to Decel in the game as well. No idea where that other image came from but it’s obv not right .

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The last time cunning had immunity to speed was destroying epic hybrid tournament and this cheap unique can adsorb big hit and only loose 33% of their hp. It can have resistant to slow but not the immunity.

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True but it kinda also give ludia like more excuse to just be like what class don’t matter here but do everywhere else. Like you said they tested the water with mortem then rode the waves with lux and magnus. I just feel like this another test to see if the community will accept it and allow them to add more. Add to that it’s a flock creature meaning unless you have group decel it’s really not gonna effect it that much you could make lose immune to decel in exchange for immune to distraction and others. I’ve been playing around with the compys and they are good without decl immunity so why not it’s hybrid plus it also makes no’s ease since again to cunnings creatures probably don’t equal immune to decel

From actually gameplay video and unlock. So ya idk what going on @Piere87 but here is the video

From the gameplay video I saw of the Level 11 guy unlocking it, apparently he’s in partnership with Ludia and that was the beta version, so the stats were different. Compsocaulus has 127 speed and in his video it had 126. I believe that the stats on JWA Tool are correct.

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So ya that makes sense although kinda shows they literally added that immunity last minute or so.

I think it’s a good idea. When there are so many really good uniques that are relatively hard for newish players to get (whether due to event exclusive dna, etc), this unique gives them a fighting chance, since the components are relatively easy to find.

Ya but uniques should really be hand out or even easy to make especially if they are gonna be end game. It already bad enough that apex are hurting lower arenas we don’t need to add this to the list.

Uniques aren’t hand outs though. There’s a lot of grinding necessary, and some are more difficult to obtain than others. I will without a doubt say that Compso is gonna be strong. But there are things that counter it. Group attacks, Bleed especially, shields and armor are all going to be things that counter or evenly match-up against Compso. So while it will be good, it’ll be far from busted.

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See the things with group is there are very few and the few there are distractable which kinda just allows it to bypass that little problem, Dot is also basically dead in this meta and there aren’t any top tier bleeders either, however shields and armor will exits down fall along with distraction. I just feel some more testing is necessary to be certain. We don’t want snot prorat situation.

Resistance to slow still is game over for any cunning which puts them at being near pointless, You have Mort who can one shot practically any cunning with its cleansing impact, so let cunnings have 1 creature which does the same but to resilients. Obviously Mammolania destroys, bleed destroys, group attacks do a crap ton of damage to it. And faster cunnings can one shot each member anyway. It has low hp, low attack and a few resistances, its fine how it is.