Questions on the speed increase

The speed of my Zorion is 144. After the first Sidestep, it becomes 144+14.4 = 158.4
After the second Sidestep, will it be 158.4 + 14.4 = 172.8 or 158.4 + 15.8 = 174.3 ?
How is the speed rounded?

If .5 or more it rounded up it it’s.4 or less it’s round down

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How can we work out the speed after the second Sidestep?

It’s a question I’ve had for a while myself. One way to find out is to enter a friendly battle, and have Dracoceratops fight Procerathomimus. The Procera user should stall and allow the Dracoceratops user to spam MSS.

If 2 MSSs are required for DC to outspeed Procera, then you take 10% of the buffed value for the second buff.
If 3 are required, then it’s 10% of the un-buffed value every time.

You haven’t had the answer yet?

Nope. Hopefully someone will volunteer to find out.