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Hi it’s me again and I’m getting a new phone they are both ios the current and the new one, and before I transfer everything since my little brother is getting my old phone. If I back up the iCloud would that be enough and just incase should I connect a FB acc to transfer onto the new device? Also, would I have any issues since I previously had transferred my acc from an old Samsung phone I used as a kid and when I finally got my own iphone8 and transferred the acc previously? Would this interfere with anything or will the iCloud and FB be good enough and ok to do?

Transferring your game to FB let’s you transfer from any device you can log into FB on. I am not aware of any limits on transfers. Not sure iCloud will do anything for you since an unlinked account I think is tied to device hardware and not software but someone from Ludia can chime in if there is any additional information.

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Hey David_1, if you link your game with Facebook, you’ll be able to access it again from your new device by reconnecting to the same Facebook account. :slight_smile: As always, I would also recommend having your support key saved or written down before making any changes.

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Ned, I tried what you are suggesting here, in order to transfer my progress from an old to a new iPad. Unfortunately, when trying to log in via Facebook, I receive an error message on the new iPad (in the new instance of the installation): “Error: Your Facebook account is already linked to another game.” I have also tried to repeat this after signing out of the Facebook account linkage on the old iPad/instance of the game. It makes no difference. I have also sent a message to support via the relevant support pages, sharing old and new Support Key, asking for transfer of the game progress as indicated in the Q&A section. Haven’t heard back from them yet. Thanks for your assistance!

Hey Thomas_Schildhammer, could you go on your old iPad and try the following steps:

  1. Go to your device settings > Facebook > your profile > Delete account. This will only log you out.
  2. On the Facebook app (enter the app and then hit the Logout button or uninstall the app completely).
  3. Go to from your device’s web browser and log out.
  4. Go into your Facebook settings, select “apps,” and remove the Jurassic World app from your “currently signed in to Facebook” list.

After doing this, please try going on your new iPad and try connecting to Facebook in the game.

Ned, Thanks for the super-fast reply and suggestions. Here’s what I did:
(1) couldn’t do that, since I don’t even have a FB app on the old iPad
(2) as a consequence, nothing to do for this step either - consider the FB app uninstalled
(3) went to FB webpage via the browser and logged out on the old iPad; also, logged out from the iPad directly from the FB app on my (Android) mobile
(4) went into my FB settings on my mobile and removed the “logged in using FB” reference to JW
… after this, it shows under “removed apps” in my FB profile

Now … I’m afraid I still get the same error message. The interesting thing is, it seems to “work” in the sense that after my attempt to log in with FB on the new iPad, my FB profile is updated to show that JW is in the “active apps” list again. However, the actual app on the iPad won’t let me in / link / update the account.

Any chance I can send you the old and new support keys for transfer of the profile, please?


I’m sorry those steps didn’t help, Thomas_Schildhammer. Sadly, we can’t transfer accounts here on our end. :sweat: However, once our team gets a chance to review your message, they’ll be sure to try their best in assisting you.

No worries. Thanks for your suggestions. It was worth a try. I shall wait for the support team to pick up my email. Cheers

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