Questions, (sorry)

Ill just ask it:
Will i always be able to send owen when its code 19th?
And other thing is my google play achivments are messed up, really messed up, almost all of them i didnt even unlock and they are from when i played back in 2017

Unless it changes, you can send Owen on code 19’s.

What are you asking for the second question?

Why is that happening

You can always send Owen. In fact, you don’t even have to order him he will go on his own once the timer runs out. That said, if you get good, Code 19’s are a good way to farm s-DNA.
If you get really good, Code 19’s become a decent way to farm DNA as well


Hey i wanted to ask:
Is it normal that i dont get to watch adds when i want to fight anymore?

Since you have this posted in two places, (try not to do that) do you mean this?

If so, there only seem to be many free fights per day/event you can do.

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Yea, i dont have that anymore

I have to agree, don’t discount doing the Code 19’s. I really hated them when I first tried them, as I am NOT naturally good at action games and it seemed to make no sense being in a game that otherwise has very little fast-paced action in it. And worse was that there’s virtually no help at all to teach you HOW to do them, certainly not IN the game, but you can find a few YouTube videos that kind of explain how to do them (@Sionsith has one for instance) but even those are no substitute for just doing them yourself and just accepting that it’s going to take a fair amount of time and practice to get good at them. When you first start trying them, I would suggest skipping all but the 5-point ones (5 point s-DNA reward) as until you are successful at those, you are almost certainly going to lose the harder ones. I also find that I do MUCH better at them on my iPad tablet with its larger screen vs. my smartphone, other players find they do better on their phones. I now almost never lose in terms of having an escape and when I’m able to get a perfect score on the hardest ones, can often get 500-600 DNA (the higher level and more dinos you have, the more DNA you can farm doing these). Not something to sneeze at for a few minutes of time each day!