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Questions that need to be answered by the devs

-@ned or @marcus,I think these need an explanation.
.As some of you remember, before releasing the arena with a month or so, the devs launched that horrible update where they made the duties hard, removed the runes from the alpha chest, and also removed the energy from the duty chest if I remember correctly then they added later after all the complaints. After that, one of the devs said that “they don’t see any reason to make the duties overly difficult anymore”, yet they still let them like they were,so was that also a lie to just calm down the players as always?
.The second thing is, why are we only getting 9 energy from the duty chest?, they said it’s because of the upcoming feature which was the arena,since it is released now, are we getting too much energy? Is it because you added duties specifically for arena? We used to get 5 energy from each duty, but now you reduced it to 3, and on top of that, we get just 1 energy in 10 minutes, so 6 in one hour.New events that come once a year are being released, we need more energy which will help us in completing duties faster and open our chests to get more trust points of the dragons that come only once a year.
.The last thing is, I don’t know if people will agree with me about this or not, but I think we should still get runes from the alpha chest like before, I know that you released the arena in which players can get runes but ONLY for the top 200.what about those who can’t be one of them? Speaking of this, I just got an idea of making it top 300 or something not 200 because there are too many people around the world that play your game, make them enjoy it. We can get runes from the alpha chest like before, even if the amount doesn’t increase as the level of the chest goes higher, you can just add the same amount in all the levels of the alpha chest, and don’t say that you “compensated” us in the duty chest after removing runes from the alpha chest, we now get 90 instead of 80 like we used to, but you can’t say you compensated us, look at how we used to get from the alpha chest, and how much we used to get from the duty chest, there’s quite a big difference don’t you think?.
-Note: I think one of the devs said before about the duties after making them hard is that they “felt” like it will be more challenging or something like that, it isn’t about “feeling”, it’s about experiencing it yourself,so that wasn’t an excuse to me.
•Correct me if I got anything wrong.


I used to play FIFA Mobile; and every player gets reward in the end of arena season, based on division. Obviously, top players get much better rewards than other players. It would be great to see this system in TU.
Runes must come back in alpha chests.


I agree with everything what @itami said. We need runes back in alpha chests and with the upcoming events we need every single energy so yeah, I agree that the energy reward from completing duties should be as it was before.


Some players exploit clan jumping during Alpha battles to kill multiple Alphas per day. Thereby opening 2 to 3 times as many Alpha chests per week as compared to a regular player.

Those players already get more scales, 4-star dragons, sheep and Maeve’s Buffalord Trust Points than regular players. Putting runes back in Alpha chests would exacerbate the problem.

Also, the Duty chest for Flight Club members gives 12 energy points and 100 runes.

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To fix the clan jumping, all the devs would have to do is put a 24 hold on joining a new clan after leaving one then problem solved


One of the questions I still have is: “Why does only The tier you end up in after arena ends gets refreshed?”.

It doesn’t make any sense to me and the following example should make clear why it doesnt. Suppose you have 2 players (lets call them A and B) both of them reach the same highest trophies count during the season at 1900 or so. (So during the season they can collect the same amount of rewards.) Now after reaching that high point Player A decides to drop down a bit while player B tries to keep pushing forward (but ultimately can’t get any higher than 1900 trophies). Now as a result of dropping Player A ends the season just below 1800 trophies, and hence, ends up in the upper echelons of Copper 3 allowing him to collect a total of 675 medals and 150 runes. Player B on the other hand ends up about 1900, and hence, drops down to Bronze 1. Allowing him to only collect 75 runes and 100 medals (but don’t forget player A will also eventually be able get these rewards once he moves up again).

So the end result is that even though player A end the season with a lower trophies total than player B he was able to get a whopping 675 medals and 150 trophies more than the other player.

So personally I think they should just give everyone rewards based on the total trophies one has at the end of the season, so that players will always try to reach a higher trophies total. (or perhaps make every single tier of rewards refresh after the end of the season as this would also get rid of the disparity)


Well, with arena players are able to complete more duties in a shorter time frame since the arena fights not only count for arena duty but also for some of Astrid’s duties and Hiccup’s duties. So that is why devs needed to adjust the duty rewards. As for alpha chests I am opening level 2 chests as I am in a small clan. Level 2 chests give runes. I guess devs needed to adjust higher level alpha chests as the rewards already were high?

I would really like the recharge time for energy to come down. 6 in an hour is ridiculous…


You realize that if they increase the amount of energy per hour they will reduce the amount of rewards you get? Thus you will just spend more time in game to get the same results…

I agree there should be end season rewards for everyone to increase competitiveness, and make it possible to claim all rewards below when it resets. If I can’t reach top 200, why try so hard to fight those with more than 1000 bp than me with much higher risk of losing my win streak and earning less medals? And therefore why bother about defense? Lose trophies from defense team would get me weaker opponents without having me lose my win streak bonus rewards. However, if there’s end season rewards, maybe I would try my best to climb up to earn it. And I would need to drop if I get past 1800 trophies to earn more when it resets, and sure if I can lose trophies from defense team I would prefer this way.
Though I think even if I do set my best defense team it can still be easily beaten by those around my tier with much higher bp. Abilities are important, only if dragons survive long enough to use it.


I agree here also, I traded out my def team yesterday to a single dragon and been dropping my trophies since then, I’m really close to getting below 1800 and I’ll just hover under there until end of season. Ridiculous thing to be doing.


Chest is trash by the time, seriously. We need some buff for the chest


Daily rewards for log in, as in other games; energy rebalance (1 energy/5 mins, 12 en/1 hour), second breeding slot, transferring TP points, runes in alpha chest, changing the system of rewards in arena, 5 energy for completed duty, more roster place


Please no more energy, this game already requires a few hours a day to efficiently use it all between it and arena. Most days I don’t even play arena as I have no time and can’t autoplay it. If anything lemme autoplay arena so I can burn that energy.

Daily logins are a mental game to make you play the game, if the game was decent I wouldn’t need tactics like that. It’s like a dev showing their insecurities.

2nd breeding slot? Why stop there then? Currently, use minimal runes and you get 2 breedings a day breeding 4x5 star. If you go for hybrids with boost, on average you get 1x 5 star every 5 and half days. If you go single species with boost, you should average one every 11 days. That’s not enough? Given I haven’t seen a 5 star in over a month, but hey that’s RNG.

I can agree trust points after you have 3 dragons are useless, but honestly why not leave it that why for newer player to play catch up or those who don’t spend as many runes? I earned em already, now I can use that energy on other stuff.

So generally people get a alpha chest once or twice a week? What’s it matter if there’s a 100 runes in there? To help out the people who exploit clan jumping?

If your referring to how I get more rewards at 1799 than 1801 then yes I agree.

Also I can agree with roster space. It let me buy space up to a certain point and it still max it out constantly, especially after a bunch of hatch 10 quests, let me buy more.

Actually i still think it should be level 10 and hatch 10. Then you can cycle those quests faster for more energy. Hows that sound? I just think level 15 limits the play style, hard to level a 5 star and also keep up on level 15 quests

Max increases to 140/150 or even 200. Regular TP events could be during special events. Energy requirements are the same.
You can breed more 2-3* dragons for training with second breeding slot. Second slot helps beginners to progress faster.
I’m not a leader of my clan but I still can open 2-3 chests in a week without jumping.

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Any increase energy adds more time in real life spent to use it efficiently I can also hatch 2-3 star dragons, second slot helps help breeding 5 stars also, which I already brought up.

So unless you’re doing 10 stars daily, you get a win every other day, 22/25 people are not in the top 3, so let’s say 100 points every other day which is generous obviously. I’d say looking at my clan, most people average 5-6 hits so let’s say 60 daily points. That’s 720 points or under 2 a week, depending on chest level. Which I’m still using numbers above the average from what I see

Hatching 2* needs scales, and it’s disappointing, when you spend scales for hatching 10 dragons but ability doesn’t improve.
Maybe, the way to add 2nd slot is paying runes. You have to buy it for 500 runes.
Runes in alpha chest needs to come back. Ludia can find the way to stop clan jumping.

The game must worth it to invest, not only money but time.
It must be equal to all players, with and without FC.
But developers are trying to decrease opportunities to progress. We are getting less runes and energy.
Now we are going to have less regular TP events because of special events.
But some things like breeding odds are great.
It’s normal that we have different opinions. Game is developing. We are sharing ideas to do it better.


isn’t that what scales are for? Just do the scale quests everyday and don’t upgrade dragons all willy nilly, have a plan and scales are plentiful.

Like most mobile games there’s a gambling aspect or aka RNG. On average abilities are level 10 before 3 star is maxed. If not o well you can keep trying til it is. If your gonna add another breeding spot I don’t see why to even have a limit if you’re gonna open that kind of thinking. Why not 10?

Alpha chests are minimal, as I shown above, what’s another 200 runes for the average player? It doesn’t make an impact. I don’t see why it’s a talking point. Given all the other problems and unbalances in the game

If I have to invest more time I’ll be less likely to invest at all. If I’m losing out a significant part of the game because I can’t give the time, why play at all? Like I said this already requires significant time to play efficiently.

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I’d like to see Arena have prize tiers, like in JWA tournaments. I’d also like for the reward to be based off of your highest trophy count during that season.