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Questions that need to be answered by the devs

Personally I think the duties are way to hard at the moment. I’ve advanced pretty far into exploration (9th Region) and even with that i struggle to be able to open 3 chests a day. I never have any energy left over (neither arena one nor exploration) once I’ve finished my duties. And that is with me doing it as efficiently as one is able to do.

This to me feels a bit wrong. Duty’s should be hard true, but the further you get into exploration/ the more experienced you become as a dragon trainer the easier they should become. I think that someone that has advanced really far should at least be able to have a bit of energy left over (after completing the 15 duties) that they can use for themselves (for whatever they want be it exploration or any other fight). And we had something like that when the reward for the duties was 5 energy. At that time i was able to do some exploration battles, but after the change I’ve barely been able to do any of those. And that makes me quite sad as they were really fun (having to think what team i should take and such). I’ve been constantly doing Repeatable quests and frankly its become quite boring. And sure I could do exploration if I wanted to, but that would mean I’d have to give up on the duty chest entirely and while events like the current one are ongoing thats really not going to be an option.

So I’d say they may need to either change the duties so that you could actually do some exploration battles to complete them, give us a bit more energy as a reward for completing duties so we have some breathing room, or perhaps change the cost of exploration battles. (That way those that really like exploration can keep enjoying it while also being able to do the duties)

Also @Matt_H having more energy may not mean you’ll need to invest more time in the game as having more energy makes it so you’ll need to play less efficiently and wouldn’t need to think so much about which fight to do to complete duties in the best way possible.

I want to add one more thing. Why the screaming death has that bomb summoning ability? If the devs are giving the alphas abilities according to the series, then the screaming death never showed such ability or something close to it, the bomb ability shouldn’t exist at all in my opinion, it should be changed.

I don’t have to play them efficiently right now, but I’d be farther behind and doing it efficiently isn’t necessarily a time problem, I just say that because I know other people burn through full energy in less than a half hour and wonder why it takes me over a couple hours sometimes.

This I can agree with, the cost is pretty steep for the “main” part of the game.

Well the main part apparently is not intended to be completed since once you complete all explorations quests it sends you to a random map with less resources to be able to get…

So until they fix the end of exploration map there is no real point to advance in exploration…

And while we are at it, why is win streak even a duty quest? The arena has so many serious bugs. Win streak quest is unobtainable sometimes due to the bugs, even if you win every game it lets you finish.

True, there do seem to be some problems regarding the end of exploration, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t advance in it at all. Every time you go to a new region the Repeatable quests will give you more eggs, fish and coins, which will allow you to upgrade your dragons faster and complete certain duties (the resource gather ones) more easily.

Hey itami, I’ll pass your concerns to our team. Thank you!

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