Questions/thoughts on dioraj and tuora

I have decided to go 50/50 with anky and sino but the question is, do i use my tuo dna towards dioraj or tuoramolch. I have enough dna to make both 20 but based on trying to diversify my team, what seems like the better route

dioraj is the better option currently. tuo has been nerfed and is not a great unique anymore. some people prefer raja over dioraj. i think they are similar but very different and i prefer dio personally.

If there’s a unique Dino to be buffed, it would be dioraja. It’s the only unique tank and its components are not easy to obtain. Many people say Stegod is too strong, but without it there literally will be no good tanks in the game given that SS might get nerfed.

I thought the new SIA for Dio would make it a lot better in the arena then it actually did. Still a decent dino but it needs some love imo.

On a side note, Dio was nowhere near as dissapointing to me as Tryko was/is. She didnt even make my team after creation :persevere:

Dio for sure! But I agree turo is better on other ways!