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Questions to Support and Mods!


I have some interested question to the support and mods in this forum.
Please answer the questions honest.

General Questions:

  1. Did you play the game?
  2. Did you play tournaments?
  3. Did you read the posts and complains of the community in this forum?
  4. Do you want to have a better game?

Question about tournaments in May
5) How should a common or a rare dinos have a chance against legendarys? Thats nonsence!
6) Why is there another tournament for epic dinos? We have 4x in April?
7) Why is there an incubator with 1.25K points when no alliance can reach it?

Questions of balancing
8) Do you interested to have a fair balancing between the dinos?
9) Do you read the tousends of entries about overpowered dinos? (Gemini, Indo Gen 2, Sacorixis and Procerato?)
10) If 9 is yes, why do you dont react of the tousends of entries of balancing?

Thanks for your answers, my target is it to do the game better, but at the moment it is very difficult to play, because there are some content in the game which are not comprehensible/playable for me and many other players.

Because thousands of players dont know a broken dino if it hits them in the face… Yoshi is “broken” because it’s easily accessible. Thor is “broken” because it’s easily accessible. Indo gen 2 is only broken to lower arenas. Sarcorixis…I personally dont know anybody who has had a problem with him. Gemini is the only broken one. But it’s also the hardest to make dino in the game. So it’s pretty balanced for how much effort you ha eto put into it.


Yeah, you’re not gonna get any of that, sorry.


Customer support and the mod team are not involved in any of the development or decision making for Ludia. Congrats, now you’re just a jerk to people that are already done dirty by Ludia.


Hää? Its a customer service and if player have problems they ask them for help.
And if the customer service cant help, they give there information to the developer.

Here tousends of player complain things, nothing happen, and nobody knows if the developer are informed or not. Sorry thats not transparency!

Hey Fred, many of us do play the game. :slight_smile:

Regarding your other questions, we have read the complaints, suggestions, and feedback from the community, and we try our best to relay these concerns/ideas to our team. I’m sorry to hear that it seems like we aren’t listening, but please rest assured that we are. :sweat:

As for sharing information, we usually try to do this whenever possible, and when we get new info from our team to share with everyone on the forums.




No. Who complained about Rixis and why? He’s fine, better rage at stupid green chicken


Yoshi is broken in epic tournaments.
Thor is “broken” because it’s overboosted and way too many people pool all their resources into it
Indo G2 is “broken” because cautious strike, but at this point, I think people are over it.
Sarcorixis… yeah nobody has an issue with that.
Gemini is broken and should be a little bit broken because Diplodocus. If it was only a mediocre unique, nobody would use it because it’s always underleveled.

Also happy forum anniversary :partying_face:

Yoshi’s not even the best dinos in epic skill tournaments. You can say the SAME thing about every single dino in the game. Overboosted or overleveled = boosted. Just because a dino is easily obtained does not make it broken. All of these dinos have a plethora of counters. And they become even easier once the gap between them and other dinos become ever so closer. 1 move doesnt make a dino broken. Definite strike on maxima says what to cautious strike? Ahhh that’s right. It says “I win have a nice day”. But again, every single dino in the game can be deamed “broken” by those standards. Play your cards right and you wont have a problem with any of them. Way to many counters.


You are really trying to tell me Procerat isn’t the strongest dino in epic tournaments? And not just advantage, skill ones. If it’s not Procerat, then it’s Sarcorixis, but as you said, nobody complains about Sarcorixis. Sure Procerat has a plethora of counters outside of epic tournaments, but it sure as heck is broken in epic tournaments.

Another big reason I hate Procerat is it has no rightful claim to having 3600 HP. I tend to dislike dinos with stats much higher than their parents, especially if it makes them stronger than they should be. Oh and also for some reason it’s much stronger than Monomimus… who is a higher rarity and has harder to obtain components.

And no, don’t go telling me obtainability doesn’t matter, because Ludia themselves have literally said multiple times that how hard a dino is to get/create is a basis for their power level.


He’s not wrong. Indom gen 2 is much stronger than procerath. There is not a single 100% counter to indom gen 2

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Hey, it’s not Procerathomimus’s fault she’s stronger than Monomimus! Blame that one on Ludia and their nerfing Monomimus into next week every other patch!

Also, for the record, I don’t disagree with that statement. Thinking about it, Procerathomimus really shouldn’t be stronger than her legendary counterpart, but Ludia just seems to hate Monomimus for some reason. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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But do you see Indom G2’s sweeping teams? Nope
They are easily revenge killed.
Whereas an unboosted Procerathomimus outspeeds every dino in the game except for Velociraptor, and even if it’s about to die, it’ll take another big chunk off your next dino before it does so.

Also according to Gamepress’ sims Procerat is an 100% counter to Indom G2, whereas Procerat doesn’t have a single 100% counter that is epic

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Well, from experience, I know this to be false. Indom can win
Also, an indom may not be able to sweep a team, but it can cloak/MF, rampage, run into something else, and then come back and so it again. If you have a creature that is bothering you, use Indom. Odds are, it gonna work and it’ll work well. Also, procerath is countered a lot more than indom. Sure, it can be annoying, but you will whittle it down while it is out whereas with Indom, it’s usually a 2 turn kill

Ok but as Temerity himself mentioned, boosted things can sweep a team no matter what they are. Except Suchomimus. But Procerat can sweep teams in epic skill tourneys, whereas Indoms typically don’t because after a win they are left with low health, and they are very slow relative to Procerats

That’s what MF is for. There are only 4 really viable creatures that are faster after a MF: procerath, postimetrodon, megalogia, and gorgosuchus With the 2 land crocs, that’s what cloak is for. Use both on megalogia, and procerath is complicated, but if indom gets the right prediction, it usually wins

And what viable creatures are reliable counters to Procerat exactly?
Indom only wins with correct prediction
Turtle only wins with decent rng
Brontolasmus only won with good prediction and decent rng, but I say won because now it’s getting nerfed.
How convenient that all the Procerat counters get nerfed amirite?
Turtle, Maxima, Brontolasmus, Indo G2, Phorusaura, Quetzorion…

If you think Indom g2 is better than Procerat shouldn’t that mean Indom g2 needs a nerf :thinking:

Sure these 2 guys are very strong but during the skill tourney I was more worried about Prorat than Indom g2


I need a nerf Everyday. But tbh I would like a little bit of nerfs on procerat