Hello everyone in the community of Rise of Berk! I am a new player from Tialtan Uprising, and I was wondering if its worth it to get Stormfly from Astrid for 300 runes. I have about 6 or 7 hundred currently.

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All the dragons from the main characters of the movie, Meatlug, Stormfly, Barf and Belch, Hookfang and Grump are really part of the story and, after they reach a certain level, you get to send them on journeys to explore and bring back an assortment of collectibles that you will need for all sort of other tasks.
You can post-pone getting these dragons, but eventually you will be forced to.

Ok, I eventually just bought Stormfly anyway for the Journey aspect of it and the resource gathering, thanks anyway for the reply :smiley:

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My question is about the final journey prizes…it plays like a random spinning wheel but seriously 9/10 tines i get amber like its rigged… does anyone else have this problem?!