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Quests feedback


Here is some feedback regarding quests.
First of all, I love quests and would like for them to be a bit more frequent. That said, I’ve had problems with completing quests of the type “make X damage with character Y”, because damage hasn’t registered correctly. So I suppose that’s a bug report, though it worked most recently.
But, and here’s the reason I wanted to post: there are some quests that just feels forced. “select X reward in challenges Y times” - why? It’s not an accomplishment to choose gold or gems or gear. This feels forced and can create a negative experience. For instance I may feel forced to pick that low level reward of the correct type, rather than the high level reward I might have picked otherwise. This could just be “complete a number of X challenges”.
Also, “move character X a total of Y times” is not an accomplishment either. I feel forced to move and delay the action rather than attack or something else.
Other quests, like defeat 8 heroes, win 2 battles, perform 100 attacks, trigger an ability 50 times, gain 150 trophies, open 3 battle chests, they are more natural accomplishments.

Otherwise, just thanks for a fun game!

Just a quick comment about quests where a character has to do damage. Sometimes the quest just asks you to do a certain amount of damage with a certain character, and this is easily done. At other times though, the quest states that the damage by the character must be dealt in “battle”. This means that the damage must be done in pvp, thus making it harder because you can’t always rely on getting that exact character for a pvp battle, and even when you get the right character it might die before dealing any damage.


I should have clarified that, so it’s good that you commented.
I’m aware of the distinction between general damage and damage in battle. And I wasn’t registering any damage in battle with heroes that I did make damage with in battle.


Agreed with your comments

Also annoying when you get select X as reward on challenge Y and that challenge is incredibly easy - I’ve got one for sharpstone keep at the moment, I can ones shot everything in the entire challenge so it’s tedious as hell yet have to do it Eg six times in order to pick gems twice

I’ve been meaning to start a thread in which I’ll update first post that lists, bugged, silly and overly arduous quests :stuck_out_tongue:

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To Turbotarry

Yeah, it can be a pain to do things that are very easy and monotonous simply to get a quest done. At the same time though, I think grinding is part of what makes this game work. You really really have to work hard to get better and when you finally succeed it really feels like you earned it. So it is a balance between not making things too easy and not making things too tedious.


D9 you think so? :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe it or not I know what grinding is and am fine with grinding for gear etc

However there are limits. The point is at renown 17 sharpstone keep is extremely tedious - it’s silly to have to do a dungeon that I would never even consider doing 6 times in order to pick gems to achieve 1/3 of the daily requirements. It should just be pick gems twice in a challenge

Has anyone else seemed to get more secret rooms or locked hero rooms in the challenges that they are making us do for quests. I feel like I have been but it could just be observational bias since I play those rooms more

Probably because you haven’t played those cruddy dungeons enough :wink:

I dredged every challenge fir locked rooms and haven’t seen any new ones in quests

I was thinking maybe tone down some of the daily quest requirements a bit. The one I hate the most that felt very unrewarding is “move this character 80 times”. I felt it was the stupidest quest because it’s only 1 character and feels worse to do if it’s a ranged character.
The quests I want to be “nerfed” is “defeat a certain color monster 70+ times”. I felt this quest is too long, I mean there isn’t a need for every quest to be finished in 1 or 2 dungeon runs, but this quest could take upwards of 20 to 40 runs if you’re unlucky. Every other quest doesn’t take that long from what I have done so far.

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I agree I don’t like that one either. I know some people have it down a little better where to find certain monsters but I never really paid attention or memorized any, so it is hard to find them sometimes.

I agree many of the daily quest quantities are inane.

It would be otiose to spend 2 hours killing 50+ of a specific enemy to receive a minimal reward. (ex. 1 Epic item)

As such, I find the daily quests are really only suitable for beginners.