Quests for Boss-Monsters

Hello dear Community,

I have a short question: After taking the Juggernaut I can now go for Valkyrie. However, there are many quests for Boss-DNA and I will for sure have he 9.000 Boss DNA to take Valkyrie before all quests connected with this boss are done. I guess that those quests are gone when the creature is unlogged, is this correct? Therefore, I would wait until all the quests are done and only then take the Valkyrie. Does anyone knows for sure?

Yes, if you unlock Valkyrie, all the quests will be gone. Therefore, don’t press the unlock button before finishing all the quests, if you want the possibility to finish all the missions. You may rather use the B-DNA to upgrade Omega and Juggernaut, keeping yourself just below the unlock limit, so you don’t unlock it by accident.