Quetz is now officially, broken

I really don’t get why people wanted quetz to get a buff in the first place, and now it is a PAIN to beat in the tournament (I already hate tournaments with uniques in the first place). Honestly it seems like it has the most maxed stats possible. Long invincibility plus nullifying counter, as well as 130 speed and high stats for health and damage make it a brand new tyrant. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on many teams in higher arenas now. The main problem is that the long invincibility makes it receive no damage because there are barely any viable shield breakers in the game aside from morty (quetz can still dodge and nullify btw). I don’t think that the people who said it needed a buff actually used it.


I’ve used Quetz for a long time. While a small buff wouldn’t hurt it, I laughed when I saw how much they buffed it in the patch notes. It was definitely more than it needed. Was it enough to make it OP? That I’m still trying to figure out. I don’t think Long Invincibility is the problem though, I just think either or both of the stat buffs was unnecessary. I think all it really needed was maybe getting medium nullifying counter instead to do some actual damage. But again, I’m not sure if it’s actually OP now given how strong stuff like Scorpius, Phorurex, and Testa are. We definitely don’t need another ridiculous unique though.


Quetz is very easy to beat as long as you know the match up.


It’s not broken. I’ve found it to be a Monolorhino counter


Frankly, the damage buff it received was more mild than what you’re suggesting here. Particularly given how defensive it is, MNC actually probably would’ve been kinda busted if you couldn’t break through LI and Sidestep pretty efficiently. It currently takes Orion basically 5x attack damage (5x150 bonus from the buff=750) to catch up to what it would’ve gained with MNC (725). Even though its recent buff definitely helped flip some matchups in its favor, it’s honestly weaker than it would’ve been with MNC, and it’s sort of like Gemini in that, though its H2H is very robust, it’s mostly a one-and-done unless your enemy really is just unlucky with the draw.


Tried Quetz in tournament, but dropped it for Monolorhino. To easy to beat.


That is true, it has a very stally playstyle. I was expecting maybe 1500 damage, not 1600. It just strikes me as odd how Hadros Luxes 150 attack nerf was “devastating”, but a 150 attack buff for Quetzorion is “mild”. I still haven’t seen Quetzorion as OP in arena, but having used it before it never struggled as much as some people seemed to be implying.

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I wouldn’t say she’s broken. She only has two attacks, and one of those has a two-turn cooldown. She also has fairly poor health, and no health restoration moves. Strong? Yes. Broken? No, I don’t think so.

There are loads of counters, and those that can’t counter her can still cause significant damage which is a lot more than can be said for a certain deer, for instance…


I think I also should’ve said how easy quetz is to unlock. So many people have created and boosted quetz, specially in aviary, and now I face it on a daily basis. It’s specially tough with no skoona or testa and no way to get them for now.

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Not broken, it gets dropped due to low health it’s only good in Aviary and Library below.

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When??? It’s made of an exclusive that is quite rare in events, and only appears every so often, plus, it requires 200 Quetzocoat for a Pteraquetzal fuse, so even with 10k DNA of Quetzocoat, you still only have 50 pops. Also, Quetz isn’t entirely busted, like you say it to be. I love the thing, and I may have a bias towards it, but still. It’s not Testa, Pre-2.10 Magnus or Lux, or Skoona level bad. It at least has straight counters, like Thor, Skoona, Antarctovenator (If no crit), and my Orion suffers against Thors, who are extremely common in Aviary. I enjoy the buff it got, but that’s just my opinion, you’re entitled to yours.


Huh forgot quetz go a buff. Haven’t used it in a long time. Guess ill go try it out lol

puts quetz on team

Because it wasn’t just a 150 damage nerf. It’s the loss of 150 damage, downgrade from a Distraction cleansing rampage that also applied Vuln to a distractable impact that doesn’t, and the inferior speed control compared to pre-Resilient nerf. The damage nerf was much less impactful than the moveset changes for Hadros, though it certainly didn’t help it.

By comparison, Quetz’s 150 damage buff really was just a 150 damage buff. It didn’t have any moveset changes.


Thats fair I guess. Quetz in the tournament feels strong, but definitely not on Testas level so I think it’s ok.

Come to think of it a straight attack buff is probably better for it than a damaging Counter - then you could just spam Sidestep.

Yeah, I don’t really think Orion is a big issue. As I said, I think it’s a lot like Gemini in that it will win a lot of h2h matchups but be more-or-less done after that. It’s a great closer, IMO, and it’s a great response to some more-powerful creatures out there right now such as PRex, IndoT, and Bax. For an exclusive component Unique, I think it’s in a pretty decent spot now.

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I agree that it’s not testa or pre 2.10 magnus level strong, but I feel like some readjusting for quetz could help. Then again I agree with you that it is to a certain extent, just opinion.

It isn’t broken. Its quite balanced. :rofl:

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it’s actually not that difficult to take down - there are plenty of counters. Skoona for one, testa for two, parathops and other long necks do well against it as well. I feel like Orion needed the buff TBH

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No. Quetz is a bit stronger but he is far from broken. You can easily handle him like earlier with a got fierce resilient or pure resilient

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