Quetz is now officially, broken

Quetzorion is now in 2.11 a big nightmare for cunning creatures but fierce resilients are a good counter for Quetz

Not many people make orion over level 24-26 so that’s not a problem.

Not sure if everyone read everything I said. If you did that’s fine, but notice how quetz can constantly dodge and nullify. It has a 100% chance to dodge an attack (as long as it doesn’t bypass dodge) and it can nullify all your positive effects while doing so. Of course there are plenty of hard counters like Gemini or thors, but there are plenty of other things it can kill. If you can’t break shields and don’t have massive armor, you’re dead because it will deal 2x whatever its high attack is. It can easily outspeed an erlidom or spyx for example, and it will take 0 damage for 2 turns, enough to kill either one. It can also counter grypos with its high damage, rend resistance, AND nullification. I digress, it may not be totally broken, but it is VERY strong at the moment.

While I don’t think Orion is a problem, this isn’t an argument for it being balanced. If Orion becomes OP at levels 28-30, nothing is stopping people from leveling it up that high if they wanted to.

I really do not think this update changed the way people use quetz. It’s not op. Just need a good counter.

The issue is that there are not that many good turn 1 shield breakers at the moment. Just fused 1500 quetzorion DNA just in case. :rofl:

Nice 10 char

I agree it didn’t need the damage buff but it needed a medium nullifying counter because the point of the doge and shields it to stall for attack because it has its little hit and then it’s big hit is 2 cool down.

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Just asking, im a jwtg player and ive been thinking of starting to play jwa, do tournaments have real people?

Yes, PvP and everything that is under the battle tab is against real people. If it’s on the map it’s PvE


I would worry that it would be too easy to just spam Sidestep when you’re low on health, but it could be balanced. It would at least make more sense with the biting animation Quetz does during the counter.

yea it would.

Yes they do

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A medium nullifying counter would be TERRIFYING. It would deal damage every single turn AND nullify? With how much damage it can already deal as well as invincibility and dodge, it would be a real potential nightmare then.

I recommend tryko. It’a a solid counter

Not to mention it lost out on counter damage as well.

I actually think it’s very balanced for what it does. It has two attacks and one of those attack has a delay start of 1 and a cooldown of 2. It does have shields, but there are a LOT of counters and shield breakers for that. So really, it has one main move with a rampage that’s timed. I think the HP and attack buff without changing its moveset or counter was the right thing to do and it keeps it relevant while not breaking it.


broken? lvl 26 tournament just shown that it’s ok.

in fact it’s useful now, before update it was only surviving in teams because of higher level and/or boosted.

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With how it can potentially wreck all the cunnings that are prevalent right now, I am surprised there are not more running around on this higher levels.

hehe thats funny

theres so many good quetz counters

unlike other cunning quetz cant distract so high damage can even kill it

Or try gem ive never tried using it against quetz because I dont have it but it seems like a good quetz counter

It has group decell which can slow down orion
then just use definate sheild advantage so remove whether its sidestep or invin

even if quetz uses long invin you can use resilient strike then use definate sheild advantage which then kills it because long invin has cooldown of 3