Quetz vs Erlidom?

If two dinos both use two speed boosts, shouldnt the one which is faster now have the advantage? I’m confused, because when I use a faster Quetz against a slower erlidom that already used one speed boost. And then I do the dodge and speed boost. And he does his hit and speed up. Now he has double speed boost and I have single. So he is still faster. But after the second time doing this, we should both be at max two speedboats, and now the faster dino should go first correct? What am I missing here?

What speed is your Orion as well as that Erlidom’s?

Speed up strike stacks up 3x and sidestep only 2x.
One more reason why orion needs back his attack.

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Speed can stack. Cautious strike speed and minimal speed up strike are the best ways to stack speed. This can also happen with something like pachy vs carbonemyes, but with decel. If carbo uses dig in and then SV and pachy goes for decel, after the SV, carbo will be faster because it lost 50% of its speed bu gained back 10%, only losing 40% total. So now its speed is 62 while pachy is 61 speed.

Also if the same speed the higher level goes first.