Is quetzorion considered a meta creature (Like phorurex and indotaurus)?

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Not tyrant material but decent.


Has been seeing quetz appearing more frequently in gyro, not sure if this counts as meta tho. She works well against the said creatures, if properly boosted. And some others like spinocon. I just recently put her back on my team as well, to counter against these creatures. Biggest weakness is no stun resistance.


It’s actually good. Not a dominant meta creature, but its really good. From experience, it beats Monolorhino

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Its decent but definitely not as good as indot, phorurex, or even stuff like antven


It counters hard cunning creatures but loses to most meta fierce and resilieng creatures. Its ability to swap in can be useful at times and has a decent damage output. It’s a stun magnet though. It is one of the better old unique creatures but not quite enough to invest 30 boosts in it.

Weird seeing the title, threw me for a loop

Oddly enough I chose this name before I knew Quetzorion existed


That’s cool!

As a person who uses it, I have swept so many teams with it. I’m not lying when I say this, but I feel that it is better than my skoona currently. I will also say, my skoona is 3 levels lower, which doesn’t help, but the fact that Orion can even compare is baffling to me. Orion is soo good after the buff. Yes, it’s weak to stuns, but anything else it kind of just destroys


It’s good I like it’s color too :grin:

Yea the biggest nerf was the null rampage becoming 3 turn cd. It was a nightmare to fight against when it was 2 turn cd previously, or even 1 turn, I can’t remember exactly.

It got substantially better with this patch.

It has a 2 turn cooldown now, but it has had a 1 turn cooldown before. I will say it works kinda ok, its best in Aviary, past that though it loses traction quick. Main upside is that its a good counter to Phorurex, and no defense can really stop it besides stun, which like stated earlier, it is a MAGNET for stunning. Decent, but no really worth investing too much into unless you’re like me and use it for coloration/being a nuisance.

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